I wanna get thug life

Creator: えるなちゃん

Average Rating
7.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
57.6 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (3) Boss (1) Troll (1)


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10 Reviews:

I bounced on anime boobs 10/10

Real review: This game is pretty good and it has a lot of things going for it, but unfortunately (and this really sucks) the BGM was broken for me so I had to look up the OST for the game over and over to replicate the experience well. I won't let this turn into bias, but it did ruin the experience a bit.
That being said, this game is still good, and I would recommend it if you can stomach a language barrier and occasionally unclear paths.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 31, 2021
The game opens up on what appears to be a coastal city. Behind the peaceful exterior, however, a crisis. The city is starving, and it is your duty, as The Kid, to do something about it. And so your journey begins. Well, that's at least what I gathered from having beaten the game, as I can't read Japanese.

Erunatyan strikes again with a phenomenal adventure game in the likeness of the lesser-known Festival. The world is surprisingly intricate and is much bigger than it seems at first glance. Also surprisingly, the game does a fantastic job at keeping you pointed in the right direction. You'll pass a seemingly innocuous object, but later get a related item and have to return to that spot. It's pretty rare to see this balance of openness and pointedness in adventure games.

The actual platforming is always interesting, utilizing both unique triggers and Mario-themed gimmicks, as well as a certain recurring character. The traps are mainly the kind that will bungle you once, and are never terribly frustrating. Some parts do become puzzley and pretty precise, but for the most part nothing is really hard to decipher.

Of course, a review would be incomplete without mentioning the game's namesake: the Thug Lifes. No, that's not a typo. Basically, there are various spots in the game where doing something cool or badass will result in a neat, funny little cutscene. Unfortunately, the game does play these cutscenes every time you activate the trigger, and this does cause for some frustration in certain places.

As a non-Japanese speaker, I only had two major qualms. First off, I had no way to know that the true end required a certain amount of each ingredient. Given that all of these are hidden behind very tedious parts of the game, getting more becomes annoying quickly. Secondly, you are required to talk to exactly one NPC in the entire game, who asks you a question. Answering the question at all allows access to one of the ingredients, so not knowing to ask got frustrating.

In spite of these flaws, the game is a breath of fresh air in what has been a relative drought of good, wholesome fun adventure games. This is absolutely a must-play.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 52 52
Dec 21, 2016
A troll-filled adventure game through a somewhat open world that has the kid looking for ingredients to make some cake to save his starving town. The production is top notch and many of the trolls are creative and funny at times. There's a lot of story and explanation, but most of it is in Japanese so there could be confusion for English speaking crowds. There's a few bosses along the way, they are pretty reasonable minus one attack here and there. Some of the game's more advanced stages can be pretty harsh as the timing on certain moving elements can be very precise in a few places. Overall this is a first-rate fangame.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Troll
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 19, 2016
One of the most entertaining and charming adventure games I've played yet. While bordering on the end of needle in spots, the way each mechanic was used allows for every individual segment to stand apart with its own unique identity. The charm to a lot of the traps adds to the entertainment value, as well as the eponymous Thug Life moments that are scattered throughout.

Truly the best part of this game is, when doing a standard "Happy End" playthrough, it's a completely innocuous adventure game until you do the epic Needle segment and you get hit with NWA.

It's perhaps a bit learny here and there, but I never felt like it overstayed its welcome, and the actual difficulty of execution is low enough that I feel a decent amount of relatively new players could enjoy it. Highly recommended!

Also, a tip: if you're having issues with the game's sound system, I recommend the following:
- On the download here, Eruna links to an alternate version with SSound; you'll want to download both, but place the SSound version in the folder with the normal version and play that
- You can also drag the volume bars on the title screen; you have to drag them pretty high up for the game to be audible at all. This one confused me for a tiny bit as well..

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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 58 58
May 7, 2023
Super cute and charming fangame that kinda feels like a puzzle platformer, a lot of the saves take some thinking or alternatively some googling if you are into that. There's a lot of charm in a lot of areas from the recurring traps to the cute "thug lifes" you can find throughout the game. It's nothing mind blowing but it's definitely something that sticks out to me as a particularly interesting fangame!

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 52 52
Mar 6, 2023