I wanna kill the Bric

Creators: Bric, sheep_xiaoyang, Sun_brilliant, Y.M, Kamikid, STAB, Skyhurt, Oblivion, Gemi

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Needle (1) Avoidance (1) Medley (4) Boss (1) BossRush (1) Entrance (1)


  • by LifeTree55

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We have literally degenerated to the point where we are making Kill the Kamilia 3 fangames. One could say this game was inspired by K3, I would say it's outright theft. I love a good medley game, I think it's a genre of fangame that has a tremendous amount of opportunity to showcase a variety of content to the player. This game does not.

Let's start with the good. The music in the platforming stages is pretty damn good, some of the better I've heard in this type of game without copying the soundtrack of another well-known medley. The games picked for the medley section are games that the western community probably have never seen before, so you get to explore some games that are new to the bulk of the people who will play this. The game is also fairly bug-free from what I can tell for as far as I got (Stage 3 boss), minus one small glitch during that boss. Having worked on a medley game myself, this is not easy, so props for that.

The other parts of the game really bombed hard for me. The title card sound is the same as the one in K3, except it sounds like it was recorded underwater with a mic up to a PC speaker at the lowest bitrate. The title screen is pretty much a clone of the K3 one, with less production. The secrets in the first 3 stages are the exact same secrets as the first 3 stage secrets in Kamilia 3, and it even plays pretty much the same song in the secrets as K3. The stage 3 secret, which is supposed to show the avoidance timers, doesn't show the avoidance timer in the boss during the avoidance segment. The autofire is barely functional in that if you press and hold it down, it chokes on the bullet count, which makes it better to keep tapping the fire button which defeats the entire purpose of having an autofire.

As I mentioned above, the medley picks are mostly games that you have likely never seen or played before, which is cool. The bad part is literally all of them are boring generic needle rooms, with literally the same generic jumps in all of them, offering zero variety. In fact, I would argue that the rooms in the first 3 stages could be in literally any order since they all feel the same with the same difficulty. The creator seems to like to biff all of the screens by shoving 16px gaps all over the place as a cheap way to boost the difficulty. While it is functional, it gets stale pretty fast and here in the morning after, I can't remember a single screen. It's just a blur of mediocre generic needle rooms to me.

Then there's the bosses, which is by far the game's weakest part for me. The attacks is pretty much all of the fights are either "free as fuck" or "instagibbing RNG" with anything seldom falling into the middle ground.

Boss 1 starts off with a bouncing apple that pretty much has you standing there for the first 20 seconds waiting for a real attack. Finally when that happens, it's a direct rip off of Boss 1 from K3 where a spotlight covers the screen while a slow moving barrage of touhou bullets fills the room. Then of course like K3, you are kicked into an avoidance with a 10 second long delay of standing there waiting. The avoidance is full pattern with pretty much only 1 way to dodge the attacks, and the last attack in particular is a pattern super sonic burst with only 1 viable opening, making it almost impossible to dodge on your first go through it. I had to rewatch a recording to see where it was.

Boss 2 is an outright theft of boss 1 in K3. The laughable arrow points to it as a "KTB Original" even though it's the same boss, with the same music, in a room with a similar layout, doing the same attacks as K3. The difference is the production is far worse, and the attacks super RNG. One in particular is literally a coin flip as it either completely walls you or leaves you giant openings no matter where you position yourself. Then into the avoidance! It's the same exact song from the boss 3 avoidance in K3 (benzen) but some sort of ghetto ass gimmick that's pure luck, followed by literally one of the easiest avoidance attacks I've ever seen that goes on for way longer than it should. The entire fight seems like some sort of stolen K3 alpha.

Boss 3 is where I reached the breaking point. When the fight starts, there's literally 20 seconds of dead time standing there while the music just plays, you know for dramatic effect. Most of the bosses attacks are pretty reasonable, minus one where the boss explodes about 500 white apples at high speed in random directions making survival impossible about 80-90% of the time. The fight is long and having this happen 2 minutes in and having to resit through the 20 sec intro after every death is enraging and shitty design. I made it to the avoidance where I was promptly instagibbed on my first go by an attack with opening just wide enough for you to fit through in only one spot. The second time I survived it since I studied the video footage and was greeted with another joyful instagib attack.

It's a shame for me that someone would spend this much time making a game and not realize these issues, or he did and completely ignored his testers. I hope the maker will truly listen to the feedback next time, but right now this game probably isn't worth the frustration.

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Tagged as: Needle Medley
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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 3, 2017

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 5.8 58       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 20, 2017
Overview will be updated as the game progresses

This fangame is medley - K3. The difficulty is high, not bad level design, some great music there.


Stage 1
Stage 1 contain some serious jumps, like corners in the screen 2. Not so hard at all, but its be hard for newbies.
Time: ~1 hour

Stage 1 (Secret)
Where the game really begins. First saves not hard, but I wasted my time on the third save. Reward: HP bottle, you can see bosses health.
Time: ~40 - 50 minutes

Stage 1 (Boss)
RNG - heavy boss with some stupid parts. Pattern avoidance in the end make this boss harder.
Time: ~1 hour 30 minutes

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 72 72
Jan 2, 2017
the 4 devas are fun But who the hell is so boring to conquer 4 stages for that lul

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 21, 2022
music 10/10
graphic 8/10
medley (good) 9/10
ach K3? + password 9/10
= 8.0
very hard medley for me!

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 1, 2017