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  • by NightShark115
  • by kurath

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Disclaimer: I didn't actually beat the boss, but I did get to the last phase and after it went on way too long and I blew it and gave up, I decompiled to determine it was the last phase and that nothing changes and it just has an absurd amount of hp for no reason.

This is a one boss game with a Crimson feel to it. It basically takes everything Crimson does wrong and makes it worse.

Randomly generated platforms, almost all attacks are retaliatory meaning it punishes active play. Way too much hp and incredibly repetitive. In the end either you get bored because it has too much hp and make a mistake, or you get impatient and take too much risk.

Now for what it does worse it does unimaginably horribly. Firstly, for some reason that cannot be fathomed when you're in the air and moving left you're moving at half speed. This is unbelievably stupid. Have fun dodging with that. Secondly, in the final phase, each attack spawns two projectiles that look very similar to the annoying particle effects spawning directly below you except they kill you. And it has 70 hp for that phase alone. So 140 chances of random instagib.

Don't play this for your own sake.

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Jan 25, 2017