I wanna Cigarette

Creator: hyoka

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6.8 / 10
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36.3 / 100
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Needle (9) Short (3)


  • by Pyure
  • by Pyure

38 Reviews:

Just like cigarette's, needle will keep you forever until you realize it's not worth it and quit forever.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
Sep 11, 2018
Reminded me of Kady needle but easier. Being compared to Kady is a good thing.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 23, 2019
Чилловый нидл, ничего нового, ничего плохого, по какой-то причине почти все сейвы висят в воздухе, у автора какой-то принцип на этот счет

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 30 30
Jul 28, 2022
Firstly, great title. I love puns.

This game was a lot longer than I expected. It's a bunch of mostly easy but fun jumps, some completely free ones, and some inordinately hard ones that are almost always a tight diagonal. It occurs to me as an abstract thesis that since jump 'tightness'/'narrowness' roughly equals an increase in difficulty, jumps should almost always get more precise as the game goes on, rather than less precise. This isn't to say that every individual jump must be harder than ones in beginning screens, but maybe that, if you're going to put hard jumps early and easy jumps late, you should do so with a care and purpose that helps arrange your saves toward the aim of some kind of 'reward'... a sensibility in design that makes a player want to keep going because their skills are tested on an incremental level, not like darts being thrown at a board.

Does anyone else view needle games as inherently 'poetic'? Not to say that they have highly artistic elements, which they do, as all fangames do to an extent—more so that, because the gameplay of needle is often so barebones, and the title of the game so abstractly related to the actual experience of playing a precision platformer, a certain metaphorical gratitude is required of the player. If you play a needle game, you are in a sense reading a poem with that title, and the jumps and saves and screens and music and tileset are all an accompaniment to the author/designer's attempt to deliver the thesis/qualia of that metaphorical conversion.

To that end, I don't think this game felt very much like a 'cigarette'. It was quite long, for one thing, whereas an individual cigarette or the experience of smoking one is often quite short. The music loop, while pleasant, felt far too triumphant/bombastic, and by the seventh loop or so (it's quite a short track as well) began to feel almost parodic, like it was making fun of me for taking so long to finish my smoke break. Someone else translated the general metaphor of smoking to needle games, which I think is a better translation than I could ever do.

Despite a general obtuseness, a real cohesive design comes out towards the end of this game, and even though it didn't remind me of smoking, it was a satisfying clear regardless. Hard to recommend, but a personal favorite for some weird reason.

Time: ~51min
Deaths: 665

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Rating: 7.9 79       Difficulty: 37 37
Dec 6, 2021
Fine needle experience. Perfectly stacks with one or two cigaretts as well

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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 35 35
Mar 10, 2021