The Challengers

Creator: Noden

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Needle (1) Trigger (1)


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The game is probably lost if only we won't be able to find out who the mysterious Noden guy is.

The only time I saw this game was during tomo's stream, he made a quick showcase for me when I asked. Game has the same visuals and music as the second one but gameplay wise this game is way poorer. It kinda looks like a simple spike corridor at the middle of the screen. At first you just have to do a bunch of gates, but then screen buffs and you have to go backwards in one go kinda like in kamilia's 3 secret 5. I don't know how much aidsier it gets but at the third or fourth cycle there were water inverts from what I remember. Unfortunatelly tomo lost this game when his old hdd broken, so we probably will never be able to know how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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Feb 4, 2017