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48.2 / 100
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Avoidance (11) Barrage (3)


  • by Xplayerlol

19 Reviews:

Somewhat easy barrage. I found the first half of the fight to be pretty annoying for the most part. The small transition gank right after the brief RNG rain at the very beginning of the fight accounted for about 1/2 of my total deaths, which was pretty frustrating, and a majority of the rest of the deaths were from the bound attack during the bridge of the song (an attack that I'll almost always dislike no matter how it's done). In total, I died more to the transition ganks than I did to any actual RNG, which wasn't very pleasant to go through. The second half of the fight, on the other hand, is pretty enjoyable, since it involves a lot more skill in dodging (even though the RNG is practically free anyways) than hoping bullets won't be too clustered around you to fuck you over by one of the ganks; it's a shame the second half only accounted for about 5% of my playtime. If the ganks were toned down a bit so as to not be able to kill you in situations that are practically undoable and if the bounds attack was completely changed, I feel the fight would be much more enjoyable than it currently is; as it is now, though, I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend.

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 27, 2017
3/4: Music, Fun, Chaotic
1/4: Annoying, Unfair, Bounces

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 58 58
Mar 10, 2021
Not Bad

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 7.1 71       Difficulty: 44 44
Nov 26, 2020
Pretty neat rng avoidance on the easy side. Only thing that is weird is that the first half of the boss is way harder than the second half. Other than that, visuals are the usual and the attacks are fun.

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 50 50
Jun 23, 2020
If the beginning was toned down a bit and the last few attacks moved faster (they're way too easy especially later on) it's pretty good.

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Tagged as: Barrage
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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 45 45
Nov 11, 2019