I wanna - Papercut

Creator: ノベボー

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7.7 / 10
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43.0 / 100
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One day an actor was suddenly cast as the lead in a music video. The director wanted to do one long take for this music video in which this actor wasn't given a script of where to go beforehand. This strict director called for a retake every time the innocent actor made a mistake, forcing him to sit through the intro time after time again. He was also told not to do his own thing, to only stick to the mundane movements in the script. After 39 retakes they finally finished shooting the video. The music video was well received, as it had impressive production quality. However, the actor was never able to enjoy this experience. The End

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 35 35
Apr 16, 2017
Pretty, but not very enjoyable avoidance. It's almost entirely pattern, and most of its attacks can't be reacted to unless you know about them beforehand (Some of them are also kinda complicated to learn, namely the ones near the end). It does have a huge share of creative attacks, and the attacks that can be dodged without clairvoyance skills are actually great, but these only represent a minor share of the fight. Also, intros are always annoying, and the longer they are, the worse it is. Still gets a couple extra points for the last attack, which was quite creative and fair.
While I appreciate the creativity, I can't really say the same about the creation. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 5.2 52       Difficulty: 48 48
Apr 22, 2017
Would you ever believe me if I had said, that there is a Japanese avoidance, which doesn't use vocaloid or anime soundtrack, but instead use American soundtrack? And with American I mean Zedd. No, it is not lily avoidance (and why would he make such an avoidance?), and, no, I have not overplayed Geometry Dash few years ago, that I went mad. There is an avoidance called I wanna - Papercut, which is made by the same guy, who made The Cardinal House and I wanna go Rainbow Road. If you know these ones, then you may expect high production value here. And surely it is, but as you may conclude from some other reviews here, it isn't the most satisfying experience.

Avoidance is made from 5 phases, and surprisingly, unlike I wanna go Rainbow Road, where laggs can be already at first minute, here even if you have quite weak computer like me, the serious laggs can only be noticed on 2nd couplet, which is the 3rd phase, but it won't help you much, as I noticed from other people clear videos. Anyway, now shortly about each phase.

First phase is known for having quite long introduction, following several quite easy to figure out pattern attacks and literally one annoying RNG attack, which can be quite unfair at some point. After that thereare some pattern attacks and easy RNG, which shouldn't bring too much of a problem. Visuals are pretty, even space background fits well.

Second phase is entirely pattern, and patterns are really easy if you know what to do. The only annoying thing for me was visualisation. I really disliked that space image and rainbow fruits, which just looked out of topic in comparison with first phase.

Third phase is designed similarly like first phase, but with more softer and more aesthetically fitting space image and attacks, which I enjoyed more than in first phase. Even though some effects create laggs, which is annoying thing, because avoidance does not have synchronisation if there are laggs. Anyway I liked that spinning from side to side spike thing and I liked idea of random projectiles, even though it can be from time to time unfair. The only annoying thing is the very end of the phase, where you have to somehow manage to dodge aiming and then jump at the end of the phase, or you will be killed by nothing, but the thing is that you have to hope that there won't be any projectiles or you will have some trouble.

Fourth phase is designed like 2nd one, and I dislike it. That design creates too much stress for the player and the feeling that you want to drop avoidance won't left you. Anyway patterns itself are quite original, but only if you look beforehand on them, also it is not necessary to be in the middle on the spike attack if you do haruru 234 strat, which makes attack a lot easier. Everything after that attack can be first tried if you know what to do. Anyway attack can seem quite complicated, but similarly like 2nd phase it can be easier to learn, since I think there is only one random attack, which is still easy enough to react to.

The finale is original, I have to say. Climbing up on blocks to escape chasing fruits was original, however I died once, even though attack is very easy. Do not jump on blocks unless they have white border, or you are going to die immediately. I didn't know that and that was unpleasant death even though it didn't take too much to make second attempt on 5th phase. Anyway, when you are on top, the is going to start outro and you have cleared an avoidance.

This avoidance has many unusual things and is very well done, however in the same time I felt like that I really wanted to stop playing it. It is very annoying at many points. It does not have synchronisation of music if computer has laggs, it has annoying random attacks, even though there are just few of those and many pattern attacks are not more pleasant either. Also even though at many times this avoidance has many pretty visuals, but in the same time it has also annoying visuals too and soundtrack itself annoyed me many times, even though I was humming sometimes, while listening it, which is quite rare. Author tried its best, but game could be balanced better, because at this point this more that kind of avoidance, which is good for watching clear video on youtube rather than playing it by yourself. I wouldn't recommend if you have taste like mine.

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Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 43 43
Jul 24, 2019
Fun avoidance. Uses an American pop song, pretty rare for a fangame, but it's a good one. There's a good blend of pattern and RNG, mostly the former though. It's a bit learny towards the end but nothing too hard. Recommended.

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 44 44
Mar 25, 2017

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Rating: 4.4 44       Difficulty: N/A
May 25, 2022