I wanna be the Kaenbyou 3

Creator: Kira☆~Kira☆~

Average Rating
7.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
24.9 / 100
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Needle (16) Short (9) Touhou (1) Game_Pack (1) Beginner_Friendly (5) Pathing_Puzzle (1)


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68 Reviews:

Features the same positives as the other two games in the series: Really creative beginner-friendly needle with a solid difficulty curve, really nice visuals and a nice music (Actually the same music as the first), but now using green as its theme color. Finding the intended routes feels more cryptic than in the previous games of the series, and the jumps feel slightly more challenging to execute (Which might also make it more appealing to more experienced players). Despite those differences, it's as great as the previous games of the series, and definitely worth playing regardless of skill level. Highly recommended.

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 29 29
May 7, 2017
Difficulty is increased mainly due to the jumps being more precise. There are spots where one tiny movement to the left or to the right doesn't allow you to go through certain gaps, but everything has remained constant. This resembles the second game more than the first one. In short, jumps are more precise, but never unforgiving or far-off, players that have already played the first two games will find this as the next reasonable challenge, as careful route planning is still needed, which adds a lot to the fun factor.

But I insist: Why wasn't this made as a single game? Being too short harms the rating. It's not the same a full game with a higher rating than chopping it in three and giving them the same rating as if they had been one. It's not the same thing.

Ironically, still, I can't stop recommending this trilogy enough to be played in order for beginner needle training.

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Rating: 4.7 47       Difficulty: 30 30
Sep 29, 2018
Опять же, почти полная копия предыдущих двух игр, но в этот раз немного сложнее. Весело

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 20 20
May 10, 2022
Good beginner needle, this one have variety spikes. But win10 lag ruined everything.

This game have win10 nikaple engine lag for me even cannot fix with dbghelper v0.41 with vpatch.
Please dont use nikaple engine make needle next time.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 28 28
Feb 14, 2022
[download from Kaenbyou 1 page]
Strong note to finish on! Still the same issue of backtracking but once again what can you really do, I guess.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 25 25
Aug 9, 2021