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Creator: DestinationMystery

Average Rating
7.2 / 10
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52.1 / 100
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Avoidance (6) Short (5) Pattern (1)


  • by GaspacoZanis
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  • by GaspacoZanis

8 Reviews:

Русский отзыв:
Пройдено за 59 минут и 26 секунд.
Довольно красивый авойд и приятная музыка, но вот рандом местами реально может очень подводить, вплоть до "лакфест" моментов. Да и зачем после всего этого ставить такие внезапные инстагибы под конец мне тоже непонятно.

English review:
Completed in 59 minutes and 26 seconds.
Quite a beautiful avoidance and pleasant music, but random in places can really let you down, up to the "luckfest" moments. And why, after all this, put such sudden instagibs at the end is also unclear to me.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 13, 2023
Pretty good short pattern avoidance. Some of the attacks were rng dependent, but overall that didn't ruin the boss. It was fun from start to finish, and pretty polished. I had to look up a video for one attack later in the fight but it's pretty readable and learnable without. I would give this game a play if you're looking for a shorter Avoidance to play.

Cleartime: 1 hr

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 17, 2023
Short avoidance that makes up for its length with some dense attacks that can be pretty tough. I have mixed thoughts on it, at times it really had me infuriated, while at others I was really enjoying it.

One of the main issues I have with it comes from some of the RNG it uses. There's a part where you'll be stuck in the middle and a heart will come down while expanding, you need to go through the gaps which can be random and sometimes way harder than normal (perhaps even impossible at times). I also despise how the ending is pretty much a guaranteed death unless you know exactly what to do, it's also pretty tight as well so be sure not to hesitate in the final three attacks. Besides this, there are some parts at the start that are patterns, which can be pretty simple to learn after trial and error. I thought the song was pretty solid, which is a plus when the avoidance is short and you'll be restarting it a lot.

I'd recommend it only if you're willing to deal with some pretty whack moments, as it certainly isn't enjoyable the whole time.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 53 53
Aug 28, 2022
Very short (30 seconds long) avoidance, using anime soundtrack. Surprisingly, it is not made by Eastern creators like マリマリオ or たつぬ. It is Western product, made by DestinationMystery. And really, if I had seen only video of this game, then I wouldn't believe that it is made by him. The only thing which kind of revealed that it is Western author's game, is the engine used. It is YoYoYo engine (as far as I know) , which is very widely used in Western community. I just noticed it by the fact that on first attack I felt that it is lagging, even though it didn't. It just wasn't smooth enough. I have this problem on several games made on this engine. Luckily, I didn't notice this problem anywhere else, except the beginning.

About gameplay and visuals. Gameplay has very good amount of pattern attacks mixed with RNG ones. Even the first attack is pattern, even though it totally does not seem like pattern at all. Patterns are pretty easy for the most part and are very well synched with the music. And it is very wise using pictures and sprites associating with anime from which this soundtrack is taken from. It feels natural and more fun to do. Yes, RNG is dense. However, I didn't find it impossible or very unfair. For the most part it is just a little bit hard to read, but it is readable. Bouncing can be a little bit odd at some point (it isn't a real problem though, to be honest) .

Avoidance took me 35 minutes, and I have a lot of fun with it. It has very sweet visuals, nice soundtrack and easy, but fun-to-do gameplay, which didn't feel very hard, at least for me. I think beginners may very like this avoidance. It isn't harmful at all. Definitely would recommend to anyone (except for those who fiercely hate anime soundtracks) .

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Rating: 8.1 81       Difficulty: 43 43
May 23, 2020
Good, cute boss. In terms of flaws, the heart patterns are a bit finicky in regards to learning them and the tiny red apples that bounce can gib from time to time. RNG can be a bit dense but that's counteracted by the short length of the boss. Other than that, its a short, fun avoidance that I would suggest to anyone. Keep it up, Desti.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 14, 2017