I wanna dead the hyper

Creator: つたしん

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7.8 / 10
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63.8 / 100
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Adventure (3) Needle (3) Avoidance (4) Trap (3) Boss (2) Masterpiece (1)


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6 Reviews:

Dead the Hyper is a one-of-a-kind iwbtg fangame. It is a classic adventure with 3 different paths, each being an area referencing a fangame by Hyper. While on the surface this game may appear to be merely a somewhat decent old adventure game but I believe it to be an artful masterpiece commenting on modern society.

The hub area has saturated default tiles, simple platforming and traps, fit with hyper-fast guyrock that restarts (the only restarting song in the game). This area reminds us of the basics and prepares you for the trials ahead.

The first of the three paths leads to a yellow stage based on I wanna be the 超練習. It is filled with traps at every turn giving it a hostile feel. I believe this was done to show the sense of one being rejected in the place where they belong (the kid is also yellow). The boss is a Hyperball which has a variety of attacks which are random but decently fair. This represents the yellow kid resisting the feeling of being trapped into a role by society.

The second path leads to an area based on I wanna be the Dark Town. This frosty area has some relatively precise jumps and an underwater section. I believe this section represents the kid's pilgrimage to the arctic to bathe in arctic water to meditate and reach enlightenment. The boss of the area is vaporeon and attacks with bouncing apples each time she is hit, adding falling apples after reaching half health. I believe this boss represents the kids relationship troubles, with the bouncing apples closing in on him representing the stress of relationships closing in and the falling apples representing getting dumped, beating the boss represents leaving these troubles in the past.

The third stage is based on I wanna be the Ignorant and features some basic platforming and traps on a beach, it's pretty chill. I believe this area represents the yellow kid exploring the world and understanding its wonders. The boss is All the Ignorant bosses in succession, each has a simple attacks pattern. I believe this boss represents the ignorant people who will oppose the enlightened thinkers like the kid, ganging up on him in a group, beating them represents perseverance of staying on the enlightened path.

The final area is an Uhuhuhu spike type remix of the areas the kid went through, it is quite difficult. I believe this is the kid's final path to nirvana. Finally he reaches the final boss: the Kyun! Vampire Girl! avoidance. It's pretty simple and straight-forward, with only one part having kinda bruh RNG, although you can plan around it. The vampire girls are the true masterminds behind the kid's plight, they thrive on the energy of those who quit and give up, the kid perseveres and reaches nirvana.

My analysis is merely a nibble of the deep subtext this game contains, I really can't do it justice. Each pixel on each screen has meaning and I applaud Tsuta for his masterful work. My 6/10 may seem odd given my praise, but this is due to this game raising the bar for what a 10 is, it would be a 10 otherwise. I think most individuals lack the intellect to truly appreciate this game for what it truly is, but I nonetheless believe that this is an experience worth seeing.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 64 64
Dec 15, 2021
One of Tsuta's earlier fangames showcased in Permanence. It's certainly rough around the edges, with blaring Guy rock at the start and often ugly and lazy graphics at times. However, his hallmarks of diverging platforming paths, precise needle segments and traps galore are on full display. There are two routes, one having one stage and the other having two, each one having a boss at the end. After every boss you travel through an extra bit of platforming and traps before getting back to the beginning hub, which I found to be a neat touch, and is also where you go to get to the final stage once the other stages are beaten. This last stage is essentially a pre-Uhuhu section, with colorful but tough needle and anime medley music. It all ends with an encounter that legitimately caught me by surprise. It's the original, simpler version of the Kyun Vampire Girl avoidance that most people know from Permanence 2. Explains why there's a dead the hyper screen at the end of the Uhuhu Spike 3 stage, otherwise there'd have been no boss!

Aside from the roughness in quality, my biggest gripe would have to be the standard bosses. They range from tedious to downright frustrating, with one boss fight made up of four bosses in a row with no breaks, one of one requires some of the worst platforms I've ever had to deal with. But I've seen how far Tsuta in making awesome fangames, and it was cool seeing the beginnings of his trademark design wrapped up in one package. Made me think of Rose Gear

This game also happens to have an easy version, which I beat along with the normal version, which nerfs the bosses slightly and removes a good number of pesky spikes. Overall, a somewhat lower quality Tsuta game that's still worth playing if you like his work. I mean, who wouldn't be curious about a game with a name like that?

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 64 64
Aug 13, 2017
A classic tsuta adventure with 3 paths utilizing different styles of needle. All three paths are very interesting and never get stale or go on too long. This game is one of tsuta's less trolly games and I think that really helped some of his needle creativity shine.

There are three bosses and they are quite generic, but if you like classic style bosses then you will enjoy them a lot. The final avoidance is probably the part of the game that you may recognize from permanence 2. It is fun but quite first or second triable.

I really enjoyed everything about this game and if you enjoy tsuta's other works but want a little more needle then this is the game for you! Hard recommend. Very underrated.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 63 63
Jun 6, 2021
This is a game that I am legitimately surprised to enjoy but absolutely did so nonetheless. Dead the Hyper isn't the most shiniest game, and has incredibly rough edges all around, ranging from the worst version of Guy Rock ever made unintentionally, to blatantly ending long saves with corner jumps, but it still manages to be something I played the entirety of while having fun.

In a summary, this is the ultimate example of what an early "Needleventure" would be, there is even a literal Uhuhu stage in it near the end to show that this is pretty needle heavy. Most of the jumps aren't too hard actually, though it does have some outliers, instead, the main difficulty comes from having multiple of them in one save, often with traps too. As mentioned earlier, a lot of saves will end with stuff like corners or even a diamond, so be aware that consistency at common jumps can really make this game a lot smoother for you.

The bosses themselves are alright usually, however, there is a multi-phase boss that might cause some issues since the third phase of it involves having to jump up moving solids to shoot the boss. These are very Janky and collide into each other adding to the mess . Outside of this, the other 2 bosses are much easier and never really too much of a problem. As expected by the maker, there is a final avoidance, though you will find it much easier than most of their other games. As someone who doesn't really play avoidance, it didn't take me too long, so I don't think most players need to be worried about it.

Overall, I think this game is actually pretty good, and would genuinely recommend it. It's definitely unpolished and shows its' age, but it might just be the thing to clench your boredom.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 64 64
Apr 9, 2022
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Dec 8, 2021