I wanna 3S2N

Creators: セトリン, ネプノワ, にゃー, snow, seiya

Average Rating
6.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
57.3 / 100
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Needle (3) Collab (1)


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8 Reviews:

Stage 1:4/10(Nothing feels interesting except the visual)
Stage 2:6.5/10(Could be rated higher if the tiles aren't so annoying)
Stage 3:7.5/10(Chill and fun to play with,which is my favorite stage)
Stage 4:7/10(A little harder than stage 3,with a comfortable visual and needle design)
Stage 5:6/10(nothing special,but nothing annoying)

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 57 57
Mar 2, 2019
Quite the mixed bag.

Stage 1: Annoying, repetitive jumps. Nothing really interesting going on here.
Stage 2: Unique and generally challenging in a meaningful way. There were a few saves/jumps that felt quite uncomfortable to me, however, and the tileset/music got REALLY grating after a while. I would like this stage with a few tweaks here and there, but as-is I'm kinda ambivalent on it. This is the hardest stage, so the difficulty rating I've given the game is based on it.
Stage 3: Extremely easy (I beat it with less than 100 deaths, and I suck), but very relaxing and "smooth" needle. I liked this the most out of the five stages.
Stage 4: Decent, but entirely unremarkable. Worth a play if you're bored.
Stage 5: Some sort of weird Yume Nikki joke level. I don't know why this exists.

Overall I guess this game was... interesting...?

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 58 58
Oct 17, 2017
This is a bit of a weird game, since it contains both very good needle and awful needle. It consists of five needle stages, each made by a different creator. The stages vary wildly in quality and difficulty, so I'll just talk about each briefly.

seiya - Boring, generic needle featuring the default kid sprite against a black background. The last few saves start to do bizarre things like put super Fs at the end of otherwise easy saves. This stage kind of sucks.

セトリン - Extremely high quality needle full of interesting, original jumps. This creator's ability to make engaging jumps and drops, without resorting to tons of frame perfect jump heights or spamming staggered movements, is very impressive. Honestly some of the best needle I've played in a while. If nothing else, I highly recommend checking out this game just to play this stage.

ネプノワス - Easy, chill needle that still manages to be engaging and interesting. Probably a bit too easy to be really satisfying for good players, but it's definitely worth a play.

にゃース - Pretty decent needle. This creator makes efforts to create original jumps and save progressions, but he pulls it off less elegantly then the above two. There's nothing really wrong with this stage - it's perfectly playable, but maybe a bit forgettable.

snow - Kind of a weird, semi-joke stage. Easy and forgettable. Honestly I'm not sure why it's in this game.

Definitely worth the download for セトリン and ネプノワ stages (second and third from the left). にゃース (fourth from the left) is fine if you're just looking for some needle nutrition to keep you going. Skip the other two stages though.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 60 60
Oct 14, 2017
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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: 58 58
Apr 7, 2022
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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 60 60
Dec 19, 2021