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Avoidance (4)


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As I've stated in previous reviews of mine, I have strict rules about 9 and 10 ratings: 9+ requires deep emotional investment while 10 is reserved for unconditional love, no matter how high the quality of the game is otherwise. While I do think both conditions are only partially fulfilled in this case (the emotional impact is not as strong as my other 9+, and unconditional love is a significant part of the emotional complex I feel towards this game, but it isn't a completely dominating part of it), I just can't ignore just how amazing and brilliant this avoidance is.

Despite being made in 2017, I wanna NMS feels very much like it could have came out yesterday. With a shiny unique titlescreen, practice mode, audio sync that even tries to pitch shift to imitate real audio speed changes, an arena that changes throughout the fight multiple times, and pattern design that focuses on making the player constantly active and moving throughout the arena to use the space to its fullest. This isn't even touching on the visuals, mind you, as the avoidance looks gorgeous despite using fairly minimalistic visuals for the most part.

Gameplay wise, Let's get that out of the way first: It is 90% pattern. If you don't like pattern, even when offered practice, do not play this. However, as mentioned before, the patterns are designed for dynamic play and while I will not say that it is devoid of safespot memorization, the safespots usually dissipate quickly and the focus is on the movement of trying to get to the next one rather than staying in place for 20 seconds. Difficulty wise, once you learn the patterns, there are at best 5-8 patterns that you might choke before chorus 2, with 2 that can kill you with hard (although very rarely unfair) rng. However, chorus 2 and over is where an attempt truly begins, and it doesn't relent from then onwards until the end of the fight, where nerves replace difficulty to ensure you're still never truly safe. As someone that likes the feeling of getting consistent attempts while also disliking long easy intros, this managed to somewhat strike a balance as I'd be getting chorus 2 attempts consistently when playing well and the start of the fight still required my attention, even if it was mostly thoughtless automatic movements.

Visually, as I've said, this avoidance is impeccable. This avoidance uses every tool available: Deeply saturated cherries, particle and objects-imitating-particle effects, pretty cherry patterns (especially the cube at the end), the uniquely recognizable miku sprite, smooth screenshake, color inversion in the right places, transition effects, everything. Not only that, but they're applied tastefully and even more importantly in accordance with the song: The most impressive parts are reserved to the most intense parts of the song, giving you good promise of the visuals from the very start while reserving the big spectacles for the most epic moments in the avoidance.

This would normally be the part where I put in my negative thoughts. However, aside from the backloaded difficulty and a minor amount of the rng design, the only other things to point out would be entitlement at best, such as the audio sync messing up the song a bit too much, having only 1 savefile meaning deathtime is lost between practice and real attempts, or the inability to practice individual attacks. I cannot in good faith count these against the avoidance, and so I won't.

In conclusion, this avoidance is criminally overlooked and is one of the best hard-but-not-insane pattern bosses I've ever played. If you like patterns and can handle the difficulty (or even if you can't and would like to play it in practice mode for fun) it is a must-play.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 77 77
Jul 11, 2021
Can only play this on practice mode but man the song and the avoidance is amazing. I wish more avoidances could use songs like this.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 10, 2021
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Dec 8, 2021
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Oct 6, 2017