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Avoidance (2)


  • by NightShark115

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No rating/difficulty cause no clear.

An avoidance with a brilliant yet simple concept, with a mixed bag execution. Each instrument has its own object or group of objects representing it, and for each sound it makes the object activate their effect. This means 1 sound = 1 attack, and the attack triggered depends on the sound itself.

Cute, right? Well, as cute as it is in concept, this has major problems in execution. The song is repetitive and slowly builds up instrument after instrument, meaning it takes a lot of time to get to the challenging parts. The big bulk of added difficulty comes from a spike firing small minispikes along the floor at extremely high pace, forcing the player to constantly be jumping and making for extremely erratic gameplay. The combination of the jumping and both an aimed component and a spiral coming in from the top middle can easily overwhelm the player and drive them to the left wall, in which they have very few options and are at the mercy of RNG. This is a shame, as I usually like these concepts (aimed, forced jumping, gap based attacks combined with light rng), such as in the destination final boss; The difference, I feel, is that the forced jumping is a lot less frequent and so it becomes an occasion you are given time to prepare for, rather than a constant force throughout the entire fight. This would go against the concept of this avoidance though. The RNG itself also feels quite unbalanced, with the amount of red/green projectiles the player is forced to contend with ranging from 0 to 7 at a time, providing drastic fluctuation in difficulty even within the same attack.

In my opinion, if the cherry sizes were halved and the bottom spike did not continuously fire floor minispikes (perhaps if it alternated between floor minispikes and minispike walls at 3 blocks high or more that prevented jumping) this fight would be a lot more accessible and enjoyable; As is, it is extremely frustrating to die to due to the massive sunk time cost and the feeling of helplessness that can sometimes arise.

Would recommend playing for a bit then quitting, or even just watching a clear vid. I would not recommend going for a clear though. I love the concept. I just wish the execution was better.

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Oct 9, 2021

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Nov 26, 2017