I Wanna Make the Marathon Needle 2

Creators: ShadowsDieAway, Patrickgh3, Pieceofcheese87, Wolfiexe, KadyKunde, AlexTheTroller

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
53.3 / 100
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Needle (4) Collab (1)


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Creator's Comments:

ShadowsDieAway [Creator]
The FM17 Needle Maker event levels are now a full game!

Please make sure you downloaded v1.02 as there were many balancing and other issues fixed in it.

Marathon Needle 2 has the original 16 levels, and also has a separate game mode that has every level remixed! These levels are harder and are made in the spirit of the original rooms and their creators, basically what the rooms may have looked like if the gamemakers had time to hone their rooms. Each of those remixed rooms has one secret unlock Piece's meme maps.

I hope you all enjoy the game!


Created by ShadowsDieAway and coded by Patrickgh3.

In Fangame Marathon 2017, four gamemakers: Pieceofcheese87, Wolfiexe, KadyKunde, and AlexTheTroller, took part in a special event called Needle Maker.

These gamemakers were given 30 minutes and two almost-empty rooms with: a start point, an end portal, and a few blocks, to make needle rooms.

Then a twist, after pressing FLIP in their special jtool files, their rooms flipped upside-down and they had 15 minutes to make both of their rooms work flipped!

After adding graphics, music, coding, and making a few tweaks, all of these rooms were made into this game!

Marathon Needle 2 has the original 16 levels, and also has a separate game mode that has every level remixed! These levels are harder and are made in the spirit of the original rooms and their creators, and have one secret a room to unlock Piece's meme maps.

The YouTube video of the Fangame Marathon 2017 Needle Maker event can be found here:


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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 4, 2017

12 Reviews:

Graphic arts:
I liked everything, it was very good and interesting. However, as in the last game of this series.


With regards to the screens, the game is very unplayable, the game is not balanced at all. I saw how the screens were created on YouTube, not one of the authors ran screens and saves completely, it's not right, how you can evaluate the complexity of the screen and put it on that list, as appropriate, if you did not complete it. Okay, this is one of the small problems.

The biggest problem of this project is AlexTheTroller. Guys explain to me how this person actually got into the authors, well, he got there, but I'm worried about the question of how his content got into the game, do not you watch what you add? It's total shit.

As a player, it's not pleasant for me to play such a game when I see that the author of these screens simply did not even try to make normal screens, but spit on this project in this way. These are non-playable screens, as you generally added them, I do not understand. If he does not have enough imagination to make normal screens for the game, then you should not join such collabs, if you can not do, then probably the best solution would be if a more promising person came to your place.

I liked the screens Pieceofcheese87, Wolfiexe, some screens from KadyKunde. But I want to appeal to those who collected this collab, do not need to insert such content as AlexTheTroller. It is better to find a new one than to kill a project with similar screens. Thank you for your attention, I hope you are accepted, although my opinion is probably of little importance to anyone, but still I think it's right to say this.

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Rating: 3.7 37       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 7, 2017
The regular screens were mostly quite interesting, though the difficulty curve was a little all over the place, it was to be expected given the format. Liberal use of the traditional gimmicks introduced a lot of variety and beyond the gameplay, seeing how they approached the twist was somewhat interesting. Standard screens were probably about a 50-55 on difficulty.

The remix screens were also interesting but a bit overboard in a few ways. On average, the difficulty wasn't much higher but there were a couple saves that felt heavily out of place (piece3 last save comes to mind) that cranks up the number. The design was still interesting but I felt there was too much trying to get cute with jump conservation and such with water/platform/vines and it ended up with a lot of extended periods of just holding down the jump button which grinds away at your fingers. That said, in doing so he managed to create some pretty interesting jumps.

I'd recommend the regular screens to anyone looking for some pretty quality needle (Wolfie continuing to solidify himself as a top tier needle maker), but the remix only to skilled players who like the heavy vine/water interactions. Expect a bit of a bumpy ride though - the marathon screens were excusably a bit varied in difficulty but I think the remix could've been smoothed out a bit more. I ended up with nearly twice as many deaths in the screens associated with Alex as any of the other 3, as an indication of the difficulty spikes.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 70 70
Dec 6, 2017
Based solely on the original screens. The remixed versions look pretty dumb and I don't want to play them.

The concept of this game is really cool, but I don't think it worked out very well in the end. Most of the design feels very constrained by the templates the various creators were given, and they didn't even really do a good job filling out the templates - many of the screens have blank space or irrelevant spikes/vines/whatever everywhere.

Difficulty is on the low side, but that's probably for the best. I don't think it's really worth going out of your way to play, but the only screen I found to be offensively bad was the one with the gravity arrows.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 51 51
Dec 6, 2017
Ok-ish needle game

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 50 50
Dec 25, 2017
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 16, 2021