I Wanna Pass The Inverted Gate Jump By Using The Easiest Way

Creator: EarRapespider

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1.3 / 10
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2.3 / 100
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One_jump (9) Short (1) 1-jump (1)


  • by ElCochran90
  • by AriesAn

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Readme is your friend.
Also, did Delfruit become the new speedrun.com while I wasn't looking?

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Tagged as: One_jump
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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 2 2
Oct 10, 2018
1.5 seconds. World record?

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Rating: 1.7 17       Difficulty: 2 2
Jul 1, 2018
Today I learned something in four seconds.

Lizards in your yard can keep insects, such as spiders and even scorpions during heated times, out of your house. Don't kill them.

What? You thought I'd say something about this game down here? Stop wasting your time!

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Tagged as: One_jump Short
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Rating: 0.7 7       Difficulty: 5 5
Nov 19, 2018
One rather easy jump and then a clear room full of double inverts. I'm going to assume this game is a failed attempt at being a meme or something

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 10 10
Jan 5, 2018
After the title screen, there is a bunch of error messages. Whether you abort or ignore, the Kid will spawn at the bottom of the screen and die.
And no, this isn't an issue with the software I'm using, this game is an .exe file.
Edit: Somehow got it to work, I don't really know how. Anyway, to do the inverted gate jump the easiest way, hold jump and right at the same time.

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Tagged as: One_jump
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Rating: 0.6 6       Difficulty: N/A
Mar 26, 2019