Irkara Needle

Creators: Irkara, Arcfox, Flames, Kuro, lucien, lvyuki, Oblivion, sheep_xiaoyang, Torore, Xiaozoulv

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7.9 / 10
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86.0 / 100
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Needle (8) Avoidance (2) Boss (6) 100_Floor (4) Long (1) Extra (1) CrimsonNeedle-Like (1)


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  • by Irkara
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Creator's Comments:

Irkara [Creator]
Hi,I'm the author.

Actually this game is my first try making long-prograss needle game. It imitate the style of Crimson Needle.
It have 90-floor needle room, a challenge, and a final boss which comes from I wanna be the Crimson.

The game focus on the enjoyable for watchers, so the game effect is important. Though that will damage some joy for those players.

This game have finished in Feb.2018, with spending more than 9 month.
Thanks kale, thanks submakers, thanks everyone who help me.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 13, 2018

27 Reviews:

Irkara needle starts off great until around 47, then it feels like the creator took a 6 month break, came back, and started working on it again after forgetting every single thing he made so far. It goes from a guy in a coma to a hardcore drug addict instantly. From not using jtool at all to spending half my time in jtool learning and practicing every setup jump, and oh boy does he love his setup jumps. I don't know if it's obvious from the tone of this review, but I despise the overuse of them. Spending 5-10 seconds tap tap tapping to this edge, and then hopefully pull off this 7 frame just so I can do another setup jump after it. It's like watching a 20 hour movie when you've already seen the plot hundreds of times before.

The needle rush at 90 doesn't get any better. Thank you for making it so the player only has to beat 6 out of 8 of the rooms to continue to the final area, but that doesn't excuse the design. One level makes you do the whole room over again after getting to the end with infinite jump, with a half diamond at the end. The lucien room starts off with an unnecessary platform jump that you can't die on, and a position perfect cherry landing towards the end of the room. The sheep room is from anan spike, I don't think I have to say anymore. The final stage was okay, and the boss was alright as well.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 90 90
Jan 16, 2020
I wonder why I'm one of the makers on the title,actually I did nothing lol
Okay so let's talk about the level design.Honestly speaking it is fairly good,many jumps are interesting.But for me I am really disappointed.This game is so similar to Crimson Needle 2 that I won't use "imitate" to describe,actually it is not accurate at all,it is just a copy to Kale's and my games.I don't talk about that many jumps have been appeared in Kale's and my stuff(I'm sure it is because Irkara imitated my style a lot before).But you can see,even the order of the sprites and the final boss are so similar to Crimson Needle 2.Although Irkara said the game imitated Crimson Needle,but the extent has already reached "copy".Irkara used at least 2 sets of the sprites of my games(Awful Needle 3 & 4),she just changed a bit and then didn't acknowledge that.She wrote the source:"Irkara Needle"on the credits BabyRage.I don't mind people use my sprites or use my games in their medleys but please at least tell me first.And I don't mean imitation is bad(In fact,I also imitated Kale style when I started making),but it is meaningless if the makers just stupidly copy things from other stuff.
lol maybe I'm too excited when I'm typing these words,nvm it is just a joke.On the whole the game is fun.I can enjoy most parts of the game.Would recommend if you are a needle fan.
PS:Irkara a cute

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 92 92
Feb 17, 2018
Rating includes all platforming in the main game (including all stages of the needle rush), as well as the final boss.

Supremely difficult needle game, suitable only for highly experienced players who are prepared for a grind. Not even a needle god is coming out of this game with less than a five digit death count.

Irkara begins innocuously enough; the production values are nice and it eases you into the game with some more basic screens, as X floor games are wont to do. I feel like there's a nice, steady upward progression of difficulty through floor 49, and indeed that floors 1-49 by themselves would be a satisfying challenge for a less experienced player looking to break into harder needle, as they never exceed the 70-75 range of difficulty.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be talking about the reasonable part of the game.

At floor 50, Irkara Needle abruptly undergoes an absolutely *staggering* spike in difficulty, with the majority of saves demanding sustained precision on the frame level and essentially mandating that the player be capable of sussing out setups to make jumps even possible, let alone reasonable. While there's certainly some creative design on display throughout, I have to say that honestly a great many of the saves in the latter half of the game are simply not fun to play at all due to the amount of truly frame-perfect jumps Irkara has peppered throughout the entirety of the latter half with reckless abandon. The game would still be very difficult even if the majority of these jumps were nerfed, and as-is, it's simply a grind fest. Like, yes, designing jumps this way certainly makes the game *harder*, but it doesn't make it any more *fun*.

That's not to say I absolutely hated everything, though. Floors 59-61 are incredibly creative and an absolute blast to play - I'd say they're quite possibly the best needle I've played, period. The floors designed around longer saves, such as 68 and 76, also tend to be much more reasonable than much of the rest of the game, simply due to lacking any jumps that require ridiculous nonsense like, say, doing a 4f + left simultaneous input and then rejumping on a specific frame... which is something actually required to get past one of the jumps in the needle rush (said jump was buffed to its current state in 1.0x).

The needle rush itself is generally fun, given that it's a medley sort of thing with screens taken from other games... Some of the buffs are just plain stupid, though. Unless you want the achievement for clearing every needle rush screen, I would really suggest skipping the Arcfox screen, because the buffs to it in 1.0x make it absolutely ridiculous, and IMO the hardest save in the main game.

I also really enjoyed the final Guy Tower climb; there's some very fun usage of jump refreshers and triple jump here. I'd love to see Irkara explore this sort of design further, especially because it doesn't assail the player with frame-precise jumps.

And surprisingly, I actually had a good deal of fun with the final boss, a Crimson variant, as well. I'm not really a fan of how the green deva's passive effect is healing the rest of the devas, as it really just limits your options by making you want to take its health down first no matter what, but the rest of the fight encourages strategizing and allows for a lot of room for SICK dodges by granting the player triple jump. Good fight, and not terribly difficult, either - it only took me around 4 hours, and I absolutely suck at bosses/avoidances.

In summation, I'd say that Irkara is a game that I respect more than I enjoy. It's certainly the most difficult and comprehensive X floor game, with production values to match, but much of the design seems to have been tweaked to simply be as hard as possible with no regard for how this impacted the flow of individual saves or the game's overall difficulty curve. It felt hugely satisfying to finally beat the game after ~40000 deaths and ~57 hours of playtime, but I really don't see myself going back to it any time soon. I would recommend it to people who want to experience truly *extreme* needle design without diving off the deep end completely, but anyone who isn't prepared to grind individual saves for significant periods of time and devise new setups left and right should stay far, far away.

I'll probably do the extra stage at some point, will update this review if/when that happens.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 85 85
Dec 5, 2018
Very well produced and hard game with a lot of needle and a hard final boss. For Veteran players who like needle

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 17, 2018
This game became one of my favorite needle games, i don't give it a 10 because floors 85, 86 and some of the needle rush were terrible, but everything else is 10/10
Also the game was much easier than expected, maybe because i played the last version but idk

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 82 82
May 27, 2021