I wanna be the Jumper

Creator: proyectgames2

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0.8 / 10
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14.0 / 100
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Difficulty based on Easy because I couldn't beat first boss in hard and failed to reach 'Very Hard' in difficulty selection.
ㅡㅡ Level Design : 2/10
First few stage of easy is just randomly placed objects. later it gets more organized but still uninspiring. in hard mode it's better than medium but some saves are aids(combined with bad physics)
ㅡㅡ Production : 1/10
I don't mind if a game have single color tileset or something. However in this thing is worse than that. Some visuals are bad and ALL of them seems to be made in 5 seconds(especially bosses which looks like something drawn in MS paint)
ㅡㅡ Bosses (0/10)
1. It reuses bosses and just changes how cherry is spawned.
2. It tried to get 3+ rating in play store and removed gun. So killing bosses is like killing goomba in super mario which is not good for fangames in my opinion.
3. Pattern of bosses are uninspiring and first boss of hard mode has really unreasonable pattern.
ㅡㅡ Coding (-5/10) yes it's negative number
Physics are cancer and even most basic jumps like ceiling gate jump is hard as hell. View is screwed up : pixel aspect ratio is not 1:1. Traps are coded worst way possible(if trap.x=player.x move trap. ) and it magically combines with single-stage single-room to create stupid situation (cherries coming from nowhere)
ㅡㅡ Other(0/10)
It have lots of ads. Good luck making money from stupid games.
It's actuall incomplete and I don't think it will be updated ever

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Tagged as: Incomplete
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Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: 15 15
Dec 5, 2019
It jumps from easy difficulty to really hard, it has many ads (seriously, ads in a iwbtg game?) and gameplay is horrible.

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Tagged as: Mobile Unbalanced
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Rating: 1.4 14       Difficulty: 13 13
Jan 2, 2021
Tagged as: Mobile
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 17, 2018