I Wanna Defeat the Discord Makers 2

Creators: Kamilia, Influcca, Shinobu, PowerNao, Biogom, Lie, Peranche, Noah, Rkdehdtls, ルキト, Whiteshadow, Sinkun, E.Z., Lucien, Cosowl, ㅇyㅇ

Average Rating
6.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
91.5 / 100
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Needle (6) Trigger (1) Collab (1) Discord_Makers (2) Cosowl-like (1)


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16 Reviews:

Based on 100% clear.

Normal game can't compare to the first game since there's less of a sense of unity between the stages, likely since it's not just korean makers. Additionally, it only has a couple hard stages, so there isn't that much of a chance to be challenging. Most of the easy stages are interesting but some, as mentioned, some don't feel complete or fitting.
Most interesting imo were Lie, Biogom and OyO.
Extra basically fixes this problem so that it's at a good, hard difficulty comparable to the first game, so for best experience try out some extra areas.

About some of the harder individual stages:
Biogom was very fun vine needle, expect for last save.
Lie was a nice L-style area. Some saves are weird.
In rukito the rule is basically that the second save of a screen is hard. Will also have to mention the drop save near the end with awkward and hard stuttering required midway in.
Cosowl is weird and hard. In last screen two saves require a 1frame stutter.

Words about extra:
Noah and Rkdehdtls extras are drastic improvements over the completely free regular stages. Especially Noah is cool and a definite highlight of the game.
Personally didn't like some of Shinobu extra but it's the most regular style extra there is, so it's probably the best one to beat normally.
SinKun is basically just some inverts but it's decent.
Influcca isn't anything special, just a single-save screen.
PowerNao extra is a decent easy-ish L-screen expect for the last two saves which were hard.
Kamilia is a really long chase for the portal in the Crimson gravity flipper secret screen. All the hard jumps are at the end but it was surprisingly fun.
And then the Whiteshadow extra is two considerably hard single-save screens. (Edit: I beat second screen again in 40mins I can't call it hard anymore lol)

The Leehe hidden stage is also pretty neat and mostly has an adequate level of difficulty. Also contains hints on how to access extra.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 94 94
May 7, 2018
Updated for 100% clear

If you go for the clear the game is divided in 2 parts: 13 easier stages and 3 hard as shit stages. Most of the easier stages are good, and the bad ones are bearable cause they arent hard.

The real shit starts at Lie stage, the L-needle area with a couple of really hard saves and the funny water spam save. If you arent into L-needle you wont be having a good time, i found this stage ok

Rukito stage is a massive breakdown point and imo the worst stage in the game. Saves 4 and 6 are insanely unbearable, save 4 has a bs jump after the apples which is pure luck, save 6 has a cancer stutter into a hard drop with upside down gravity. Absolutely unforgivable for such a good maker.

The classic Cosowl stage clearly makes you know that he has no idea what the fuck he is doing. Its a named jump spam and later on he manages to put them in such ridiculous places that they become aids. The stage features 2 required 1f stutters (saves 1 and 3 of screen 3) so be sure to have a keyboard that can do them. The final save is a cherry on top, the plane is a massive joke, have fun.

Overall good game, if you dont dedicate to clearing everything i would reccomend checking out Shinobu, Zorgo, Lucien, Peranche and Biogom stages


Now lets talk about extra

Extra is very special in many ways. Almost all of the extra stages are located on the easier stages (most likely cause they still wanted to put something hard despite making an easy stage). You can only access the extra after clearing the normal stage while your PC's time is in a certain time interval, which cycles every 4 hours. The time intervals for each extra stage are located in one of the signs in Leehe's stage. So if you wish to enter an extra stage you can set your PC's time to the number on the sign, corresponding to the stage + any hour, divisible by 4.

The stages are (from easiest to hardest):

Shinobu extra:
Pretty much objectively one of the only good stages in extra. Its pretty fun and it reminded me of CN2 needle. Recommended even for someone who doesnt wanna do 100%.
Rating: 7.5/10
Difficulty: 75/100

Influka extra:
This stage is pretty disappointing, considering its the last thing he ever released in fangames. Its generic corridor needle with only a super F being notable.
Rating: 4/10
Difficulty: 75/100

Sinkun extra:
Cancel culture stage. How hard this stage is going to be depends on how good you are with cancelling. Its just a bunch of generic cancel jumps like floor inverts.

Rating: 3.5/10
Difficulty: 80/100

Powernao extra:
The design where you cant see whats a block and whats a killblocker is a horrible idea, especially on a hard area like this. Absolutely not recommended without looking up where the killblocks are. The only fun save is the water save (the one with the funny zero gif).

Rating: 3/10
Difficulty: 85/100

Leehe extra (accessible by clicking the kid):
Its buffed Leehe's 3M3 stage. Pretty sure he didnt participate himself. Its not very good, especially saves 3 and 4 are horrible. The rest are pretty decent.

Rating: 4/10
Difficulty: 87/100

Noah extra:
The easiest stage turns into a horror pit with 3 screen of L needle. Screen 1 saves 1 and 3 are just horribly bad, but i had fun with screens 2 and 3.

Rating: 5/10
Difficulty: 87/100

Rkdehdtls extra:
Its 5 screens long and its hard. Screen 1 is just horribly vomit inducing, while screens 2 and 3 were actually fun. Screen 4 is just meh short save needle. Screen 5 has medium-length saves, but the last save is not good.
Rating: 5/10
Difficulty: 89/100

Kamilia extra:
While i usually suck at consistency needle, i actually found this stage really fun. Its a very very buffed screen from Crimson, with a ton of backtracks. This is the longest save in the entire game and while easy at the beginning, it gets much harder at the end with an addition if a cringe plane at the last backtrack. Overall this was a very fun experience and i think it was the most fun extra stage for me.
Rating: 8/10
Difficulty: 91/100

Whiteshadow extra:
The infamous stage, buffed due to poor testplay and untested after the buff. I will talk about screens 1 and 2 separately because of how different they are.
Screen 1:
Its ass, its balls, its shit, its horrible. Hard beginning, shit plane in the middle, and then it hits you with a series of extremely dumb brutal jumps at the end. Even with easier strats its just horrible to play.
Rating: 1/10
Difficulty: 94/100
Screen 2:
After you've beaten the most ass screen in the game, you get at the final screen that divides you from 100% (if you play in the difficulty order). This screen was actually kinda fun and had a lot of potential, but: the drop from top left is horrible and just felt luck based, the diagonals in bottom right also suck. I had choked past the long diagonal 5 times. But, despite all of that, i wanna say its a pretty cool screen, kinda fun if youre not stuck too hard on it.
Rating: 6/10
Difficulty: 92/100

And thats the 100%. If you ever wanna go for this monumental achievement, good luck and dont forget to look for easier strats to save yourself from too much pain.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 92 92
Feb 12, 2021
This review is based on a 100% clear

Discord Makers 2 is one of the most prolific and hardest needle collabs out there, with 16 stages, technically 25 if you go for 100%, spread out across a variety of mostly Korean makers. If you just play the game casually and do what catches your eye, then there’s some nice things here, such as stages from Lucien, Biogom, Shinobu, and a few others. When you delve deep though, you’ll find some of the more dubious parts of the game, both in difficulty and quality.

One of the biggest things to note about this game is that compared to it’s predecessor, there’s a lot less variety. In DM1 there’s a ton of really wacky and unorthodox stages which feel entirely different from each other, and have totally different vibes and feels. In DM2 you get a lot less of that, and the biggest reason why is this game’s difficulty balance is basically nonexistent. A lot of the stages in this game are precision needle, those being SinKun, Lie, PowerNao, Cosowl, and if you do extra, Noah and Leehe. Most of these are also very hard and will take you a long time, compared to the other stages, because a lot of the stages in this game which aren’t precision needle are much easier compared to the rest, which I think is quite the downgrade from the first game, where even if it wasn’t all good, there was a good mix of hard stages across a lot of different types of needle. I’m not saying all the precision needle in DM2 is bad, I do hate some of it, particularly EX PowerNao, but I think EX Noah and Leehe are cool, but I do think that the game has a pretty major issue with balancing and makes it feel like there’s less variety than there is on paper. The major exceptions to this rule are Rukito, EX Kamilia, EX Whiteshadow, and EX Rkdehdtls, and despite issues I do like those areas, except for Rkd but it’s still somewhat enjoyable and far from the worst thing in the game. It’s hard to have a good fix for this, as if you buffed some of these other areas to be equal in difficulty to something like Cosowl’s stage, you’d run into issues, you can’t just buff something and have it be just as fun and quality without putting conscious effort into it, but it would have been cool to have more variety in where the difficulty comes from, so you spend less time which just one type of needle in what should be a big, varied collab game.

Discord Makers 2 is to me, a fun game, and one that’s worth checking out if you are skilled enough to handle it. However, I think this game does not live up to it’s fullest potential. I think with a lot more polish to the weaker points, especially stages like Cosowl and PowerNao which are made by relatively inexperienced makers, and better balance so that the game isn’t defined by just a handful of stages, the game would be a lot better in my opinion. I think it would be cool to see a needle collab as hard as this handled with more care to be something that I could say is truly a great game, although that’s obviously a very difficult feat. I can at least respect and appreciate this game for what it is, while wishing it was a more quality package that I could say is a truly great game, unfortunately that’s just not reality.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 92 92
Nov 13, 2023
Ratings don't include extra stages.

This was definetly an improvement since the original Discord Makers however it's also not as good JP or NA side, there's still quite a bit of what you usually classify as "cancer needle" in here in areas like Cosowl, Lie, Sinkun and Rukito. Then the rest of the game is ok for the most part with very few areas being, to me, actually good like Lucien or Shinobu. By far they're the best areas and doesn't even feel like they belong here. Like some other fun areas in the game they'll get a bit of a bad image just because of the other god awful stages being huge turnoffs but I'd say those are worth a shot. Overall better than DM1 but still could've been done much better.

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Rating: 5.8 58       Difficulty: 90 90
May 1, 2018
rating is based on 100% clear

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 15, 2021