I wanna be the Ditch Mouth Mutant 2

Creator: ロボ厨

Average Rating
5.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
33.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Trap (1) Boss (1) Breast (1)


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1 Review:

Second entry in this serie. Game still follows tradition of first I wanna be the Ditch Mouth Mutant and has many similarities. Game has 2 modes in 2 seperate exes - normal and maniac (review and ratings are based on normal mode); game has restarting music and structure of stages and bosses reminds a lot of first game. In quality it may feel a little bit better even though final boss is worse this time, in my opinion.

Overall, let's look on the whole game. Stage 0 or the first screen is similar to the idea of the first game. Restarting guy rock, standart tileset and title screen in the background. Gameplay looks a bit more original, but nothing too special. Stage 1 is designed as stage with flag of Japan in the background with generic traps and soundtrack, which you wish to listen, but cannot, since it restarts and not dying is quite impossible since it has quite many annoying traps. This stage doesn't have a boss. Stage 2 has pretty cool soundtrack and interesting design of the stage. It also has gimmick - snow blocks. This makes sometimes gameplay more original than it could be. Nothing too special, but, in my opinion, it is better than mushrooms in the first game. This stage do has a boss. It is similar like in I wanna be the Ditch Mouth Mutant, however with different background and soundtrack. Overall, it is still quite mediocre, however attacks are designed a little bit better, since it sin't pure aiming, but if fruits hit floor then those go straightly left or right on the floor. It makes boss quite more difficult but nothing too serious. Stage 3 is the last stage in this game, and it is designed as stage, which has some puzzles with hidden triggers. Interesting layout and overall I liked gameplay at some saves. Also I liked longer saves, since you could at least listen to the song. However at some point these falling blocks reminded of original I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster, but it is different. Also backgound picture and soundtrack is quite specific, but isn't horrible, it is OK. Talking about I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster. The final boss starts like bosses from I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster - you fall on the blocks and have to shoot boss and then have to jump on other blocks to stay alive. Only this final boss I didn't expect to... You have woman breast with bra in the background, the boss is painted (most likely in paint) breast with bra, and you have 4 standart tileset blocks + several breasts (without bra) to jump on. Uhm... That is quite specific. Anyway you have to shoot this breast, which shoots from time to time red fruits and blue bouncing fruits if you deal damage to it. Soundtrack is very well chosen to this situation, but the whole situation is quite whimsical. Well, I quite didn't enjoy this boss, but gameplay was OK, even though the final boss in the first game was better, in my opinion (also it was easier, in my opinion, in original game). Anyway, then you have the same final screen as in I wanna be the Ditch Mouth Mutant, but now with some other characters, which says something in Japanese (also one of the characters is final boss of the first I wanna be the Ditch Mouth Mutant). Even soundtrack is the same, but I like it.

Overall opinion: Was OK at some points and better than the first game if we look on platforming and the first boss, this game even had gimmicks, which is nice. Soundtracks were pretty nice and even better than in first game. It has similar style so it feels like sequel, even though maybe better would be if it was as one game? I don't know, it is short enough, but isn't game for a few minutes, it can take a little bit longer (for me it took half an hour, similarly like in the original first game). Final boss is worse, however if you want to jump on breasts, then I would highly recommend you this game. For all others I wouldn't recommend, I guess.

P.S. What is this "hat" on kid's hat?! Really.

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Jul 27, 2019