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Avoidance (4) Undertale (2) SourPls (1)


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Afoth really is one of the best avoidance makers.

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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 57 57
Sep 29, 2020
Beat avoidance in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Took 239 total attempts.

This review is for those who want to defy and clear avoidance faster than plynq (42 minutes) or pyuw 30 minutes). Because I thought I will be able to do it. And I was wrong...

Basically this one of the earlier afoth avoidances, which looks like some kind of prequel to I wanna Determination, which continues idea of Undertale avoidances. This one in particular is mostly pattern avoidance, yet has some RNG parts.

In short, I tried to memorize by heart all attacks and then to perform them. At first it does not seem very hard, it is mostly pretty fair and bearable RNG. You can use any clear video, most of those have similar route. After this aiming pattern –[url]https://youtu.be/bfxqWXQv_Qw?t=39[/url]– avoidance gets a little bit harder, yet if you have good strats, then it shouldn't bring a lot of problems. My problem was that I used hard strategies. I recommend on this RNG attack –[url]https://youtu.be/bfxqWXQv_Qw?t=40[/url]– to stay at the right corner. This way it gives almost all the time good RNG. Otherwise, sometimes situations can be harder than usual and may cost some deaths. And it does not make this pattern a lot harder –[url]https://youtu.be/bfxqWXQv_Qw?t=44[/url]– because you can just hold left, once red pattern starts to move. This purple attack –[url]https://youtu.be/bfxqWXQv_Qw?t=47[/url]– as well as the next red attack are patterns, and I recommend using this strategy, which you can see in the video, it isn't hard to remember.

Then you have to get up in the centre or left platform and read pretty easy purple RNG (never actually died on it) . Following pattern is actually very easy if you do it like this –[url]https://youtu.be/IvDYTrWhdfk?t=57[/url]. Yet after it is a little bit unfair (or no?) purple RNG, which you have to dodge in the centre. I died quite a lot on it, and some situations were pretty tough, I have to say. Also it is hard to time right after RNG these pattern rings –[url]https://youtu.be/IvDYTrWhdfk?t=61[/url]– but at least those are not as precise as they look.

And then starts the catchy part and the hardest part of the avoidance, which is actually pretty tricky. If until it I was sure that I can beat avoidance pretty fast, then literally the beginning of the dynamic part took me some time to figure out. I did something like this –[url]https://youtu.be/vTP86kKx-No?t=69[/url]. And yet I didn't understand why I failed quite a lot. Unfortunately, I don't even know understand what you have to actually do to do it consistently. All I can say that you have jump once, and then go to left and try to go down. You shouldn't jump immediately, however you have to make sure that you don't bump into these 4 fruits –[url]https://prnt.sc/t6wpyr[/url]–, as well as to the star itself. I guess using pyuw strat can be beneficial –[url]https://youtu.be/InBiO6tqwmI?t=64[/url]– , but since I didn't use it, I am not sure. Maybe it is more consistent.

After that pattern up until second green fruit (from –[url]https://youtu.be/vTP86kKx-No?t=71[/url]– to –[url]https://youtu.be/vTP86kKx-No?t=86[/url]) I used たく strats. Most of them are pretty obvious if you watch video carefully enough, but I will retell briefly about them anyway. Basically, when you are down, make sure to jump pretty soon to the first platform (however, time your jump correctly, because it is both easy to jump early or too late), then jump to the green fruit and rejump in it. And then jump rejump immediately third time. If you are going to be too slow, then you will die momentarily.

Then align to the right block of the platform and fall down. After heart attack go left and stop somewhere near the left side like in video. It seemed pretty precise, but I never actually died on it. I just made sure that purple fruit is not going to kill me and that it is somewhere nearby. After crazyness has stopped, rush to the right and stop on the platform. You have enough time to get there. And then run momentarily up before star has closed the pathway.

On the next pattern I actually am troubling to suggest the best strategy, but たく strat seemed OK. The strat is to stay and to long jump to the right, when you see that this purple spiral – [url]https://prnt.sc/t6zl6h[/url]– is near the central platform. Well, at least I tried like that, and it worked for me 3 times. First time I was too slow and didn't get up. Yes, it requires for player to rush up, otherwise star is not going to let you go up. Then you have to jump 2 times in green fruit area, but you have to pause a little bit before the third jump. Everything from third jump in the –[url]https://youtu.be/hflnIhgEv_g?t=83[/url] – until the end I used Chevin's strategies.

That means that I stayed in the same spot, but I double jumped and bumped into the ceiling of the platform above. Then you have to rush and go down and make a second jump before these purple fruits –[url]https://prnt.sc/t6zrli[/url]. After that go to the centre and make a small jump. Then there is following sequence of gimmick from Undertale, where you have to stay still when blue fruit wall goes down, and do opposite, when is orange fruit wall. My only suggestion is to move left and right instead of jumping, because it isn't as easy as it may look. I actually died once, when I tried to jump.

And then goes the finale phase. As I get you can both jump and stay still at the beginning, although I still jumped, because I am not entirely sure. Anyway the actual phase is entirely RNG, except for these 3 walls –[url]https://youtu.be/hflnIhgEv_g?t=103[/url]– on which you have to jump. I jumped once and on the last wall I moved to the left. The ending is a little bit intense, but it is fair at least. Moreoevr, I liked the last attack, which directly references to the Undertale, I found it fun. Also I am glad that I managed to first try this whole phase, although it was a little bit stressful for me.

Now about the quality of avoidance. When I saw avoidance at first in 2018 or so, I was not really impressed by it. And when I made my list of avoidances, I wanted to play, I added this avoidance just in case I have an appropriate mood for it.

I actually do not regret for trying it. I am actually shocked about high production value and how fun and well-designed attacks are. Especially, the main (catchy) part is so dynamic that I love it. And visuals are so fitting, that I actually do not have words. It is fabulous. Of course, attacks are a little bit confusing sometimes, and RNG could be more fair. Yet I do not think that it is much of an issue.

Overall, it is not a masterpiece, but it is very well-made avoidance by afoth. If you are not against some RNG or fast-paced gameplay, then you may actually like the actual avoidance. I think the final result was very pleasing. Gameplay and visuals fits to the song, and you can have a fun for some time. It is not exactly 30 difficulty avoidance, but it is not extremely hard either.

If you are into upper-average avoidances, then you should try this one.

Highly would recommend!

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 53 53
Jun 26, 2020
Visually good, but plays out not greatly

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 57 57
Sep 6, 2022
Game is pretty fun to play through.
Pattern that is a minute in the avoidance is pretty hard. But once you figure that out, you can beat the avoidance with no problem.
Try it out if RNG doesn't get to you.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
Aug 23, 2022
Оценка основывается ИСКЛЮЧИТЕЛЬНО на НЕ слепом прохождении! Когда знаешь, что делать, то играется приятно. В слепую вероятно будет адок местами.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 28, 2020