I wanna Meet the Ruka 3rd

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  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by GaspacoZanis

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A pretty mediocre Title Screen. The background is a bright green with small patches of a more blue-ish green, but not enough to call it teal or turquoise. In the middle, there is what appears to be a severed Luka head with tentacles as hair, along with 5 bright blue stars around it. And finally, near the top of the screen is the name of the game in purple italic text with a black shadow right behind it.

Seeing this Title Screen gives me a lot of questions. Why is the title of the game "Meet the Ruka 3rd" and not "Meet the Luka 3rd"? Are Ruka and Luka different people? Is the squid head Ruka? If so, why does she look so similar to Luka? Are they related? Is this Ruka the same Ruka in "Meet the Ruka"? Well they can't be, since the Ruka in "Meet the Ruka" disappears after defeating Luka. If they are different entities, then why do they look so similar? How come Ruka doesn't even appear during the actual game in "Meet the Ruka 2nd" and "Meet the Ruka 3rd" even though the games are named after her?

All these questions only bring me to one conclusion. You see, i believe Ruka/Luka (Along with every other Vocaloid) are Pokemon and Ruka evolves into Luka. Why else would there be 2 identical "Rukas" and 3 identical "Lukas" if they weren't a species? The reason there aren't any "Rukas" in the sequels is because during the kid's journey to go meet the Ruka, Ruka actually evolved into Luka. Ruka being a Pokemon would also explain the stars on the Title Screen.

Perhaps this Ruka is a shiny one? It doesn't look all that different compared to the Ruka in "Meet the Ruka" but then again, a lot of shiny Pokemon don't look all that different to their normal counterparts, just look at Gengar or Garchomp. So why haven't we seen Ruka in a Pokemon game yet? Well its simple! Ruka is a scrapped design for Female Jellicent, but Carnival got to see it because his Uncle works at Nintendo.

Title Screen Rating: 5.5/10
-It isn't that spectacular, but its memorable and a reference to Pokemon which is nice.

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Jul 3, 2018