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6.4 / 10
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60.5 / 100
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Needle (3) Uhuhu_Needle (1)


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I will try my best to sound nice while also trying to help at the same time here. Sorry if I sound annoying or too preachy throughout this one review.

This is one of those Uhuhu needle games I wanted to try out as I sort-of like the genre as a whole. Albeit, the games usually have a few questionable and/or unbearable jumps and this club aesthetic, and this game is no exception to this trend I sense. For a short version of this review, I sort of like it but I hate some of the jumps in this game.
The game has a lack thereof difficulty balancing in which you get super annoying sections like the pseudo 1-frame jump area which costed me 500+ deaths because I suck at those kind of jumps. It also comes out of nowhere which absolutely sucks to any unsuspecting person playing this game. The game hosts a bunch of choke jumps towards the end to essentially make you spend more time on the game, take that as a bad or good thing as you will.
The music and visuals are fine I guess, maybe, not my personal cup of tea when it comes to music and block design.
Overall, I only recommend playing this game if you want to prove your skills at needle games, albeit not the best test but a test nonetheless. I highly do not recommend playing this game if you want to have a fun time as you will be grinding a substantial amount while playing this game. I put it at above 5 as it is still a game with gameplay that works sometimes.

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Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 64 64
Sep 12, 2023
A Uhuhu Spike-like game,but harder than Uhuhu 3 and more low-quality as well.
But anyway it's a Uhuhu Spike-like game so you can try it if you like this style.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 5, 2023
It doesn't really play like Uhuhu, though it does have the same visuals and lack of difficulty-balance.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 60 60
May 4, 2023
PDPlayer's take on Uhuhu Spike-type needle, in which he fails miserably. A good bunch of rooms usually start off rather nice but often times have a unneccessary difficulty spike at the second half of the room. There are a lot of dumb needle choices here and there like dickspikes or a minispike double diamond at the start of a save with a easy to choke drop afterwards. Not fun at all so I wouldn't recommend this, so you should rather play something else like Mayuri Spike 2.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 63 63
Aug 8, 2018
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 60 60
Feb 17, 2024