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I can't play hard games.

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99 Games

GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I want to be the Skill Player 30.0 10.0
I wanna be the Boshy 75.0 9.6
I wanna live in the sea 60.0 9.3
I wanna Try the Cyber N/A 9.0
I wanna be the Make Hardest Fangame 64.0 8.0
I wanna follow it 33.0 8.0
I Don't Wanna Be The Gay 59.0 8.0
I wanna be the Guy(本家) 50.0 7.9
I wanna be the Dieary 70.0 7.9
I wanna trial the simple needle 26.0 7.9
I wanna revenge to Creeper 50.0 7.8
Untitled35 40.0 7.7
I wanna be the Phallophobia 55.0 7.5
I Wanna Make the Marathon Needle 50.0 7.5
I wanna kill the Machine 43.0 7.5
I wanna sheep 100 60.0 7.5
I wanna be the Mars 63.0 7.5
Untitled55 40.0 7.5
I wanna be the 8possible(一般公開版) 29.0 7.4
I wanna run the Marathon 60.0 7.0
Needle Ability Test(共同開発) 62.0 7.0
I wanna get Cultured 55.0 7.0
Enantiosis 65.0 7.0
I Wanna be the Loner 80.0 7.0
I wanna be the Best Guy 57.0 7.0
I Wanna One Room 63.0 7.0
I wanna be the Pastel 66.0 7.0
I wanna break through Seven trials(共同開発) 75.0 7.0
I wanna be the DAIKON 45.0 6.9
I Wanna be the Goner 77.0 6.8
I wanna go across the Rainbow 40.0 6.6
New Year's needle game 68.0 6.5
I wanna BD Needle Trials 41.0 6.2
Deliriant Needle 52.0 6.2
I Wanna be the GreeeeN 35.0 6.1
маленький человек 4 42.0 6.1
I Wanna See The Blue Sky 26.0 6.0
I Wanna be the Disgrace 67.0 6.0
needle room J 57.0 6.0
I wanna play the Rubber Trap 24.0 6.0
I Wanna be the Eternal 55.0 6.0
I Wanna EZL 56.0 6.0
I wanna be a bully 50.0 6.0
I Wanna be the L2S 59.0 5.8
I wanna be the YY 39.0 5.8
I wanna best the 50 floors 59.0 5.7
I Wanna Break The Spike Trial 47.0 5.6
I wanna be the Challenger 35.0 5.5
I wanna be the lovely ⑨ 50.0 5.5
I wanna be the Person who are Very Very Lucky 26.0 5.5
I wanna be the Paper Drama 28.0 5.1
I wanna eat Chocolate Cake(共同開発) 25.0 5.1
I wanna Converge 50.0 5.1
I wanna QoQoQo 52.0 5.1
I wanna Survive 40.0 5.1
I wanna be the KuroKuro 50.0 5.1
Discord 30.0 5.0
Thanks for I wanna!! 25.0 5.0
Happy New Year 32.0 5.0
I wanna lost the father 20.0 5.0
I wanna be the Green Moon 40.0 5.0
I wanna be the Experience 30.0 5.0
I wanna be Gray 50.0 5.0
I wanna Fun Jumps 50.0 5.0
I wanna love the steak 65.0 5.0
I wanna be the nantoka 22.0 4.9
I wanna PD ♡ 39.0 4.9
I wanna be the Tethys 60.0 4.8
I wanna do the Thing 56.0 4.7
I wanna ask me 10.0 4.7
Summer Spike 78.0 4.5
I wanna NKS 59.0 4.5
Just five seconds 42.0 4.0
I wanna be the Ares 75.0 4.0
I wanna be the Xoner 54.0 4.0
I wanna get the Black gun 36.0 3.9
I wanna be the orange door 39.0 3.9
ゆるい針ゲ 30.0 3.5
I wanna be the Archfoe 70.0 3.5
I wanna be the First Player 14.0 3.0
I wanna be the SKR 42.0 3.0
I wanna be the Legendary needle 55.0 3.0
I wanna be the えっと...なんだっけ? 30.0 3.0
I wanna practice the Game2 30.0 3.0
I wanna be the MR 40.0 3.0
I wanna play the Evans 27.0 2.9
I wanna be the Destiny 40.0 2.9
I Wanna Be The Yukky 37.0 2.8
I wanna climb the Tower 39.0 2.2
I wanna be the H 41.0 2.0
I wanna be the Perfection 30.0 1.7
A needle 5.0 1.5
I wanna be the 超クリスマス 29.0 1.5
I wanna be the 私は私の道を行く 20.0 1.5
I wanna be the Perfection2 33.0 1.0
I wanna be the Hari remake 35.0 0.5
I wanna be the 斜め針+α 20.0 0.2
I wanna be the Sunflower Fairy Kid mode 50.0 0.1
I wanna be the My heart goes on 1.0 0.1

93 Reviews

For: I wanna be the Destiny
Bad I wanna be the Fangame fangame(many layouts are from Fangame). Many of traps and bosses are very sloppy and boring. The sphere shaped boss was the most retarded thing. It shoots random sphere everywhere, which explodes into the same 8 sphere at random time. So it's very hard to distinguish bomb from fragments. Often they explodes right above you, and it's nearly impossible for human to react fast enough to dodge that.

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Tagged as: Trap
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Rating: 2.9 29       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 22, 2019
For: I wanna be the Xoner
Simple one-screen needle game. Even if the name is Xoner, I think game's design and difficulty are too far from Goner game.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 54 54
Jan 21, 2019
For: I Wanna One Room
Free mode and hard mode of stage 6 were both the hardest yet best stages. In contrast, final stage is kind of a joke for the most part, many of the room were poorly made compared to the previous ones. Taken as a whole, it's a great game though. I mostly had fun.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 63 63
Jan 20, 2019
For: I Wanna be the Disgrace
Rating includes extra.
Starts off with special gimmick that shooting spike creates block that turns into water, or speeds up or down moving spikes' speed. Similar gimmick was later shown in I wanna be the Pastel. This platforming would be very fun if well used, but this game rely too much on triggering traps, so it became boring so sudden.
Second stage was just bullet hell: 3 or 4 corners of cherries follow you.
Third stage, on the other hand, has plenty of variety. There are many paths you can choose, but you don't have to go through all of them. I felt like I got lost, but actually all of
paths are connected into single path. Then there's a boss, and after you beat it, red "END" sign welcomes you. There are actually bosses each stage, but they are nothing but heavy RNG, nothing much to say.
You can go to extra stage by triggering the spikes off by touching somewhere of letter E,N and D. Extra stage is 3 screens of hard needle that makes up this game's true difficulty. You may have a same feeling of I wanna be the Dieary's extra stage; it well shows azure's needle style.
After third extra screen(save jumping room), there's a dark room with green and red portals, the red one teleports you to bland ending. In order to reach the green portal, you have to find invisible platforms, avoiding red ones. Suiciding won't help, because most of invisible things are platforms, not blocks. If you reach green portal, there's a slightly less bland ending.
Overall, even if this game is extremely old, however shows quite unique jumps and interesting level design. It was great.

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Tagged as: Needle Trap Gimmick
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 67 67
Jan 19, 2019
For: I Wanna be the Goner
Third save was the hardest.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 77 77
Jan 19, 2019
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I wanna be the Torture N/A N/A
I wanna be the Guy(本家) 50.0 7.9
Not Another Needle Game N/A N/A
I wanna live in the sea 60.0 9.3
I wanna be the best luck N/A N/A
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