I wanna 大仏

Creator: どるっぴ

Average Rating
6.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
63.9 / 100
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Adventure (4) Needle (1) Avoidance (2) Trap (1) Gimmick (1) Boss (2) Long (1) Story (2) 50_floor (1) Visual_Challenge (1) 50_Floors (1) RNG_Platforming (1) Quiz (1)


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9 Reviews:

Though I'm not into avoidances in general, this game has really good avoidance in stage 6 and I had so much fun! It was still great even when I did it twice in bossrush. I hate stage 1 and 5 bosses, because chances of each pattern are random, so they're quite luck based. Didn't know dragon and Tyson are even bosses. Since they're in the middle of the platforming(with no save), I tried to beat them in first trial. Stage 3 and final bosses are okay, but my favorite was stage 6 one.
I played this game because two screens referred in cultured 2 had really neat visual, but the actual game has darker flickering lines. Still it was my favorite platforming part.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 67 67
Apr 16, 2020
A relatively unknown fangame despite appearing in cultured 2. It had some pretty cool and fun segments and bosses, including a pretty lit avoidance, which is really rare in japanese fangames! However, some areas of the platforming are among the most idiotic I have ever seen such as a level where you have to do 50 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) floors and a boss in one amazing run or Level 5's awful RNG platforming saves. If you can put up with these, you will likely have a pretty fun time.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 22, 2019
Pretty interesting game, there's a lot of sections that are very unique and have stuff you don't really see in many fangames, for better or worse. Some of the traps are kinda annoying, it feels like the game oftens saves it's traps for the longest saves. Stage 5 in particular is really strange but honestly it was a highlight for me. The bosses are alright, in particular I like the avoidance and the final boss, the others range from okay to tedious, in particular bosses 1 and 3 aren't great. The boss rush towards the end is also super unnecessary. Many parts of this game could be better but at the same time it could be so much worse, it's just alright.

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Rating: 5.7 57       Difficulty: 51 51
Jan 29, 2024
For users like me who couldn't figure out how to open the game file, make sure to rename both the .exe and the game folder to remove the Japanese characters.

Spoiler-free review:

The game seems to be heavily inspired by the original I Wanna Be The Guy, borrowing screens from the original to form a sort of interactive hub world with portals leading to the main stages. Maybe I would have appreciated the design more had I played the original I Wanna Be The Guy myself, but nonetheless, I have not. As for the stages themselves, most of them are ok at best, with a particular stage that I hated and yet another that I found really fun (boss included). The game also has way too many downward bonk diagonals, which got annoying after a while, and a few trolls were placed at the very end of long/difficult platforming saves, which got old really quickly. Some people may not agree with me on this, but I had fun with final boss. Overall, most of the game is fairly mediocre, but there are a couple enjoyable parts.


Stage 1: The needle was alright. I thought the spooky jumpscare part was a neat touch that I had not seen in a lot of other fangames.
Boss 1: Alright boss. It's slightly annoying that the one attack where you can hit the boss is entirely RNG based, but overall the fight was pretty fun.

Stage 2: Stage 2... exists. I liked the exhilaration of getting really far into the needle, knowing that a single mistake could set me back 40-something floors. Has the potential to be frustrating for obvious reasons, but I thought the idea was cool.
Boss 2: The dragon boss felt a little barebones to me, though I still think it fits well with the sheer intensity of not having a save.

Stage 3: The gimmick was a pretty good idea, but the platforming could have been improved. Namely, one save has you do a bonk-double diagonal, go through a season-changing door three times, and then do the bonk-double diagonal again. Yet another jump had you go over a spike but barely squeeze underneath the ceiling kill plane.
Boss 3: The boss had a good variety of attacks with cool gimmicks. I enjoyed it.

Stage 4: Can't speak much for the first two puzzles, since they are in Japanese. I honestly thought the key minigame would have been cooler if there was no grace period where you could go through the block before it became fully solid.
Boss 4: Mike Tyson was not even a boss; it played more like a short minigame.

Stage 5: Easily my least favorite stage in the game. The RNG-based moving/falling spikes gimmick overall felt slightly disorienting, but there was one save where the gaps between the spikes were simply way too tight. When I got to the weird leg creatures, though, I thought they were a bit funny. Soon after that, there is a save where you have to jump up a series of randomly generated platforms, and the glitchy platform physics made this save absolutely infuriating. There was then a save with a falling Buddah tower troll placed at the end of a very tight falling RNG-spike section, followed the save after by a trap at the end of a very long slope-climbing segment, which itself was bland and repetitive.
Boss 5: The only annoying part is that the boss has only a single attack where you can counterattack and deal damage. Dodging all of the popsicles is a little fun, though.

Stage 6: A very cool platforming section with an appealing aesthetic. Definitely the most fun stage in the game. Occasionally, I still noticed an uncomfortable abundance of downward bonk diagonals.
Boss 6: A fun avoidance.

Castle Segments: Again, I probably would have appreciated these in-between segments a little more had I played the original I Wanna Be The Guy. I found most of the castle segments to be ok - sometimes interesting, sometimes a bit annoying.
Boss Rush: Boss rush adds no value to the game whatsoever. If the bosses had some cool new attacks, phases, gimmicks, etc. I might have enjoyed it more, but giving bosses a bit more HP and telling the player "Do it again" felt like a waste of time.

Final Boss: Maybe this is coming from someone who is used to more modern fangames, but I thought all of the attacks and phases for the final boss were fun to play through. I especially liked how the first two phases have multiple gimmicks/patterns going on at once.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 65 65
Dec 3, 2022
I wanna 大仏 (big buddha) is an old adventure released in early 2013 and game consisting of 6 stage and a final stage.
Every stage have different gimmick and i had fun on the most part

Stage 2 is the first difficult part need to do 50 floors and a boss in 1 life
Stage 3 boss is a bit meh but after figure out final attack is pattern then is easy
Stage 4 quiz is japenese only
And after pass first 6 stage arrived at bossrush. you need to fight all the previous bosses again
i did not like this part

Final boss have 5 phases need do all in 1 life
i did not like third phase because that water is weird sometimes didnt give me double jump
and attack from stage 3 boss final attack is bad sometimes didnt have reaction time

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 58 58
Dec 28, 2020