I Wanna be the Vandal

Creator: Wolfiexe

Average Rating
9.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
71.5 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (34) Gimmick (33) Long (1) Trigger (3) x_Floor (9) Art (1) SourPls (7) Poggers (1) mostExpensive (3) moleYo (1) cn3 (2) catJAM (1) needleventure (1) Cycle (3)


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Creator's Comments:

Wolfiexe [Creator]
Note: If the game runs slowly for you on Windows 10 or for whatever reason, try replacing the .exe with the one here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NyHe-DuSay_pBD-z8tsDP8LULeDFzE0D/view?usp=sharing

Vandal is a needle/gimmick game with some small adventure elements. I wanted to make something a little bigger than my previous solo projects, inspired by a few other releases and makers. I estimated it to be somewhere between 60-70 difficulty but on average I think it has ended up a little higher than planned.

I poured a lot of time into this over the last couple months and ended up with a platforming experience I'm pretty happy with, and I'd love to see other people enjoy it as well. Best of luck on becoming The Vandal!

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
[11] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 74 74
Oct 25, 2019

121 Reviews:

A couple of years ago a quite remarkable restaurant opened in my hometown. Because of its peculiar and unique nature the restaurant quickly began garnering attention and a growing collection of regulars would accumulate. Here is how the restaurant worked: instead of having one set team of cooks the kitchen staff would constantly shift as new people from all over the world would come in and prepare meals for the hungry customers. This concept meant the diversity of food would be rather staggering as cooks would not only come from widely different cultures and possess widely different taste palettes but they would also have varying degrees of prior kitchen experience. Because of this, quality from dish to dish was fluctuating, some of the food combinations you would see were perhaps a bit surprising or unorthodox and sometimes you really would not know what to expect from a dish before you had tasted it. However, the mixed menu and uncertainty was something you tacitly agreed to when you choose to order something as it was well advertised how the restaurant was run. Furthermore, the cooks would usually be concerned with accommodating the wishes and desires of the guests and additionally a system was put in place which allowed all the guests to register their thoughts and feelings about the food in order for the people who prepared it to receive feedback.

Now, perhaps the most unbelievable thing about this restaurant is the fact that all the food served was completely free. The restaurant was entirely non-profit and the ever-changing kitchen staff was composed of food enthusiasts driven by experimentational lust along with idealistic motives such as a will to share things they like and providing a good experience for the customer.

Like many others I found the prospect of free food prepared by an extensive cast of diverse characters exhilarating and soon I too started regularly visiting the restaurant. To my dismay, what I quickly found was that a lot of what was served was not to my taste. Whenever this was to happen I would make sure to utilize the restaurant's feedback system to lend the responsible cooks a bit of helpful advice. Guiding words like "what were you thinking", "garbage" and "this cook is retarded" were among my more common critique. From time to time I hesitated a little. Some of the food I consumed were dishes that had taken years to prepare and you could see the passion and attachment the cook felt in the look on their face as they served it to me. Just kidding, I tore extra hard into those dishes.

Thanks for reading my diary. Be considerate

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[25] Likes
Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 74 74
Apr 30, 2020
Fangames have always been something very intimate, very personal, and almost magical to me. The amount of effort and energy that can go into one can sometimes be infinitely more demanding than you think for even the simplest of things, and at the end still feel worth it, on both the player's and the maker's point of view. It can be incredibly hard to make one nowadays that can be so easily highlighted from the daily bunch and truly stand out to the community as purely creative, fun and beautiful in every sense of the word, considering the stupendously high standards some of our members tend to have. As both a creator and player myself, seeing a fangame to fit that quota of sorts can be very charming and a real sight to behold, and at the very same time one of the most demotivating things ever. Demotivating because you feel like you can't even create anything as well-made or well thought out, as stunningly gorgeous in terms of graphic and sound design, or even get close to the same level as a maker who in merely over 2 months can confidently make a magnum opus that oozes of his own character and brilliancy, fitting of nothing else but the title of my own favorite fangame ever.

I Wanna be the Vandal is exactly that, and exactly the union of all that I love to see in a fangame. Wolfiexe's style just gets more and more magnificent with every game he produces and it's truly jaw-dropping the fact that I can tell it's made by him from only looking at the title screen for a second. The amount of makers who are so distinct from the rest to the point they can be this easily pinpointed is ridiculous to me, in the best way possible. The attention to detail in every screen, how it connects everything into one not only in the gameplay sense but of the overall atmosphere, the wonderful music taste and unsurprisingly fancy aesthetic production. Those are very few of the many evidences of Wolfie's genius mind at work, for me it's what I expected, what I wanted and much more, and I don't imagine it being a very different experience to anyone else. The amount of feelings and emotions that you can pull from a player with a constantly overlooked and underappreciated genre, the creation of a more real and vivid sense of progression with each and every screen, all of them so different from the other yet so logically fitting to the creator's nature is completely astonishing, it's so difficult to describe it as anything else when you can barely put it into words, I've never played a fangame where I went through an experience as sensitive and surreal as this one.

As a good friend of this maker, I cannot help but feel honored that he wanted me to testplay this, easily the most memorable fangame to me and the most personal one too. Many times during testplay I've cried over how far more gorgeous and better than any of my own projects it was, and it makes me so glad that there's creators like him who are constantly improving and waiting to release the new best fangame. At the same time that it is so demotivating it reminds me that this is anything but a competition over the best maker. This is a fangame made from the heart and it just shows how much untapped potential there still is for all aspects of any game, this should serve as influence for anyone who wants to make one and a representation of what there is to be really valued in a fangame.

I can only thank and appreciate how you've managed to make this in such little time and how you've been always perfecting it to its' best possible state and condition, a maker like you deserves so much more attention and support. I can only hope that you get the best feedback, the best response from a community such as ours, regardless of how bashful, negative and dramatic it can really be. It's upsetting to me that certain people won't feel the same as I do writing this review, finally being able to talk about my favorite game as much as I want and praise it as much as I want.

It only fills me with hope for what you have and will eventually bring next to us, I wait eagerly for whatever project you'll work on next. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this game and for making me feel this passionate about it.


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[20] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 25, 2019
Excellent CN3 fangame

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[15] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 71 71
Oct 28, 2019
I don't like gimmick games, but I enjoyed this game very much.
The tiles and atmosphere are perfect, and the difficulty adjustment is not bad.
The only bad thing is the gimmick that penetrates the wall.
In my opinion, gimmicks that are difficult to judge are not suitable for under the needle that requires dense operation.
However, other gimmicks are suitable for needles and I think that people who do not like gimmicks can enjoy it.
Highly recommended.

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[12] Likes
Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 9, 2020
this game cums

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[11] Likes
Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 77 77
Nov 11, 2019