I wanna be the Nyx

Creator: Vierandice

Average Rating
7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
54.9 / 100
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Needle (9) Short (2) Hades-like (4)


  • by Bob
  • by Bob

21 Reviews:

As the readme says, it set out to be probably the easiest hades-like game and it achieved this competently. Simple graphics, short precise saves and a short game in general. Captures the style and keeps the difficulty flat which should generally be how these go.

It's not changing the world in any way, but if you want an easier hades-like, this nails it.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 56 56
Aug 14, 2019
Good shit.
Enjoyed hard mode more because it was more pleasant to clear. Still a very cool game, worth playing.

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Tagged as: Needle Short Hades-like
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 56 56
Aug 14, 2019
An absolutely wonderful Needle game. Very fun, simple, smooth platforming that emulates the feel of Hades without having a lot of unnecessarily precise and or dumb jumps. The visuals are very crisp and appealing. I'd say this is one of few games of its kind that is enjoyable to any kind of person, beginner or veteran alike.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 59 59
Aug 13, 2019
I love it because it's the only one I can clear of hades-like fangame. although i took 1000+ death.

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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 64 64
Aug 19, 2019
Legendary needle game

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 48 48
Aug 17, 2019