I wanna BD Needle Trials

Creator: BDBDFlower

Average Rating
5.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
42.7 / 100
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Needle (8) Trap (2) Gimmick (2) Trigger (3)


  • by Xplayerlol
  • by Xplayerlol

22 Reviews:

Fun needle game. Nice music (Doesn't restart), no death sound (Always welcome), and the level design is decent. The use of gimmicks is minimal, making it fair, and the same goes for the traps. The last jump is a invert. However, if you're not good with ledges, I don't recommend this game, since there is a screen where you have to do two ledges in a row. But if you like needle games, and don't mind ledges, I recommend this one.

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Tagged as: Needle Trap Gimmick
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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 42 42
Mar 23, 2015
The thing that death sound doesn't exsist is really GOOD. Why would many fangames have to insert irritating death sounds? At any rate, 20 rooms(I guess?) were not really long enough to enjoy much. It wouldn't take more than 5 minutes for experienced players.
The romms consist of really, really typical, decent simple needle jumps like ledge, 1.0 invert, reversed diagonal in water area, and so on. (It would have been much better if there was a double diamond). It could be boring though, but who cares? That's why this game name is an "Needle trial"!
Music was pretty good which I have listened somewhere.
Ah, I liked that tileset, it reminded me lots of old fangames like "I wanna be the Tribute", looks friendly at the same time.
Overall, it's a good game. Recommend for those who want to kill time for short periods of time.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 41 41
Sep 7, 2017
I would say, this is the game if you wanna try see the beginning of some hard needles. Good music.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 45 45
Mar 30, 2017
Rating not include extra(The extra is a buffed version of the main game, which is incredibly difficult and insane).

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Tagged as: Needle Trigger
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 40 40
Feb 27, 2017
Nothing too special here. A short needle game with good music that is decent for learning some tougher jumps if you're newer to the genre.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 42 42
Oct 6, 2016