I wanna be the 8possible(一般公開版)

Creators: はぐれけだま, 智咲 命

Average Rating
7.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
26.0 / 100
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Adventure (3) Trap (2) Boss (2) 100_Floor (6) x_Floor (9) Rose_Gear_Guy (1) Beginner (2) Collab (1)


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56 Reviews:

Astonishing. Dalí would be proud. My favorite fangame so far. Rating is based on CHURAKI500 Mode and difficulty rating is based on 500possible Mode.

The premise is simple and yet it is complex. The Kid falls into a coma for 8 years and must find the unconsious strength to get up mentally travelling through his inner state. What does this involve?

-Peaceful landscapes
-Childhood fantasies
-Childhood nightmares
-Personal fears
-Idealizations of life and sceneries

What do these elements bring visually?

-Cognitive dissonance

Excellent difficulty curve with a design that intentionally borders between the range of the perfect and the nightmarishly atrocious, but the point is that the whole product works. I relate this quite strongly to Satoshi Kon's PAPRIKA (2006): the transitions between illusions is dreamlike, bizarre, non-sensical and, ergo, fascinating.

It is a challenge for beginners in my opinion, and a great recommendation for starters that are looking for at least one of two things: the audiovisual potential of fangames and/or a good first challenge. Bosses range from sporadic and remarkably easy to intimidating. The two last boss battles (Abraham and the last one which I won't spoil) are absolutely fantastic, the sound design is impressive, the creativity exploded all over the place and the challenge is rewarding.

How to play? Do not try the '8possible' mode first, which many think is the "Normal Difficulty" way to play, so to speak. It is absolutely challenging. Try the 500possible Mode if you are in the mood of confidently exploring the game: otherwise, you must die less than 8 times! There are hidden items in hidden areas that substract your death count by 1, but getting them requires either a lot of precision and calculation improvised at the moment or, more commonly, previous fangame/needle experience.

Then go for the 500CHURAKI mode: difficulty is increased, and so does the insanity, the beauty, the cognitive dissonance, the nightmares. There are even more rooms! So this is the most complete version of the game.

I am more than surprised. It will take quite the thing to surpass this (although, of course, I am barely beginning with fangames as you will be able to notice by my profile history).


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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 35 35
Oct 3, 2018
hagure_g is love

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Tagged as: 100_Floor
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Rating: 8.1 81       Difficulty: 19 19
Oct 20, 2015
strange and fun game.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 21 21
Jan 20, 2018
A super nice and chill game with a sort of surreal themeing and visual style that reminds me a lot of RPG maker games and Yume Nikki. BGM's on point, the tilesets and backgrounds are beautiful when they want to be, and the bosses/minibosses are all fun in their own way.
The variety of difficulty options give this game some actual good replay value; after doing the 500possible mode (easy mode with 500 lives), try going back for all the secrets, or doing the 500CHISAKI mode (hard mode of the game). The 500CHISAKI mode is harder in some subtle and some not-so-subtle ways, but is very possible in a single sitting if your skill is decent. If you want a challenge, try this mode.
Finally, the 8possible, CHISAKI, and 2possible modes are for after you're confident in your skill to beat the game. If you can beat the easy/hard modes in 8 lives (excluding life gain from items) (or 2 lives for 2possible), you get a cute extra message at the end. These modes will probably require a lot more skill and practice than you're used to, but if you liked the game on the other modes then you should try these modes at least once.
Probably one of my favorite fangames now, thanks to its strange aesthetics, gimmicks, and design. A soothing experience on the easy mode or a genuine challenge on the hard mode, I give this a hard recommend to any fangame players.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 40 40
Aug 25, 2019
X-floor game made by now not so infamous Rose Gear Guy and guy who made I wanna be GENKI with you and 祐理配置ゲー. Game has several difficulty choices, but I chose the easiest one and the most reasonable one - 500 possible mode, where as I get you can die 500 times. Of course if you choose the more harder difficulty, it doesn't mean that game gets impossible or anything like that, because in game there are several items, which decerases your death count by 1, which sometimes are hidden, sometimes require to do hard jump and sometimes are just easy enough to get. I got 14 of those.

Anyway, I don't want to talk too much about what everyone has already told. Game has its own psychological story, about which ElCochran90 has written in his review already. But the thing, which was I guess wasn't made in purpose, but somehow it made the whole experience even more pscyhedelic, was the fact that game was made in GM 8.0 and was overfilled with content, which can give porblem, which my weak computer needed to deal with - no visuals laggs, but game had music laggs. And, oh my. At first I was annoyed, butafter some times I noticed, how it affected the whole experience. I had feeling that I am in kid's brain or in some hell, wheer music was slow down. At the last screens I even stopped noticing this fact and everything seemed as intended. And it really made me feeling weird. On one hand I liked how I felt this atmosphere, but on other hand, I don't really want to return playing this, unless I have cool PC, and feeling quite exhausted from experience.

The only thing, which I wanted to mention is that sadly the story is in Japanese, but you can quite made your own thoughts on this and create your own story. The final boss, for example, in my opinion resemble some kind of fear of something. You think it is dangerous and you will die,but if you gain power to overcome your fears, you can deal with your fear. And really, at first it may seem impossible to go from bosses back, since it seems dangerous, but if you gain all your inner powers, then nothing will kill you, and I really liked this idea. Locations are quite different, and I think those just resembles kid's psychological condition. He has its fears, its dreams and memories. He remembers road cones, animals, mountains and houses, which he had experienced before he felt in coma. I didn't expect creators to re-create subconscious in so clear way, that in one of the screens there is even toilet bowl! I mean, its quite hard to understand brains of the main character, but game gives quite unsual lesson for everyone - to try to explore yourself better, to try to go to your subconscious. How? In reality you can do it by lucid dreams, and even though I haven't done it yet, but actually each of us may have something interesting in our subconscious mind. But for some reason, even in this game I found something familiar with myself and chaos which is in my brain, and its quite unusual experience.

I would recommend this game on 500 possible mode for everyone who has good PC or who feels ready for any kind of experience! Anyway, I guess, thank you for making this game on GM 8.0 for giving me even deeper experience on this game?

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Tagged as: x_Floor Rose_Gear_Guy Collab
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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 19 19
Jul 24, 2019