I wanna Love the Winter 2

Creator: キタミ

Average Rating
8.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
21.1 / 100
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Adventure (11) Needle (1) Trap (14) Boss (13) Short (13) Beginner (1) Beginner_Friendly (5)


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  • by ElCochran90
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46 Reviews:

A short but very well made fangame.
The graphics are different from the usual kid and blocks. They were probably hand made, which goes to show the effort and care that was put into this fangame. The needle wasn't very difficult at all. No very tight jumps, no special tricks. The traps were a bit tedious at times but mostly were easy to dodge once you knew about them. The traps were also quite unique. The boss wasn't very difficult, and didn't pose much of a challenge at all.
The only downside of this game was that it barely posed any difficult challenges. Especially if you're not new to needle, this game is very, very easy.
Short, well made, and it's obvious a lot of detail was put in. A fun fangame you can beat in 5-10 min.
Would recommend.

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 14 14
Mar 24, 2019
Very good game, visually very well achieved, even it has things that for my opinion don't fit so well, but in general, a very polished and entertaining game.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 35 35
Jun 29, 2020
Love the Winter 2 is a very short, relaxing game which I recommend everyone plays. There is something here for all skill levels to appreciate. The game features 2 difficulties: Medium and Hard. Unlike most fangames, the difficulty does not determine the layout of save points, avoiding a trend which in my opinion adds little to no enjoyability to the game. Instead, it adds new spikes and cherries to the screen and a new mid-fight phase in the boss, which makes the game interesting to play again.
Additionally, there is an Extra Mode which can be unlocked by beating the game on Hard Mode. The ReadMe says that a Medium clear will work too, but I did not unlock Extra until after I beat the game on Hard Mode. Once this criteria is met, the game will unlock the new difficulty when it is restarted.
The Extra Mode's platforming isn't unreasonable, even for less skilled players (such as myself), although I don't recommend playing this mode if you are new to fangames. The boss, however, can be quite annoying. There is one attack in particular, the crosshair attack, which I could not understand even after receiving it countless times. As a result, every attempt was praying not to get the attack. The other attacks and the mid-fight phase are much easier, at least once you know how to do them.

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Tagged as: Adventure Boss Short Beginner_Friendly
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 24 24
May 16, 2020
Great, but really short fangame with amazing visuals. It's pretty easy on normal and hard, but extra provides a bit more challenge, especially in regards to the boss which went from getting beat on second attempt to clear in 30 minutes.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 35 35
May 10, 2020
очень красивая и приятная игра, жалко что очень маленькая

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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 22 22
May 10, 2020