I wanna give the cat some acid

Creator: distorted

Average Rating
6.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
57.8 / 100
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Needle (9) Short (2) psychedelic (1)


  • by NightShark115
  • by Yok
  • by Yok

18 Reviews:

Ok, this is one of "those" games. While this game looks ugly as hell, you can tell that the creator clearly knows what he is doing. Gameplay is all that matters in a needle game, right? Well, kinda. I don't even care about going way too far into the uncanny valley of fangames but if you put platforming this precise into your game, don't make the needles blend into the background. Yeah, don't do that. Ever.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 65 65
Apr 24, 2015
Short needle game consisting mostly of generic jumps, but with some interesting ones here and there. The visuals are its strong point, following a bizarrely colorful color scheme that does feel like an acid trip, more or less (Probably less). Nice music, and a calming death sound that allows you to enjoy it. The platforming itself isn't that great, though, which makes it a fangame that's only aesthetically attractive (And even then, not everybody appreciates this kind of aesthetics). Still, I'd recommend giving it a try if you don't have anything else to play.

Side note: Only recently have I realized that "acid" might mean the non-corrosive kind, and now I feel a bit better about life.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 52 52
Aug 2, 2017
This is a game that attempts to be psychedelic without (for me) really reaching far enough to do so. One challenge in making a 'psychedelic' feeling game is that even in most default engines, fruit moves. That sets a precedent that things in general can move, and animated tilesets and backgrounds do wonders towards making the player feel like they are 'tripping out'. As such, this game is working with entirely static visuals, and it doesn't really communicate an 'acid' feeling so much as a prickly research chemical that leaves a feeling of burned glass in the back of your head that you can't scratch out.

The needle itself was my main issue with the game: it is incredibly rote, consisting almost entirely of named jumps, to such a degree it seems like the creator was either bound by them as a design constraint or didn't have the vocabulary to include more interesting formations. There is one noteworthy non-named jump on the last screen that stood out to me, but everything else surrounding it was half-diamond, diagonal, corner, and more 16px and 8px ledge grabs than I could count. While I think this can do a lot in terms of increasing the 'prickliness' of a level's design, that type of prickliness is more psychedelic in a negative way to me, while a cat on acid theoretically sounds fun and happy, albeit not being a responsible display of pet ownership.

Also the needle and general block layout felt 'dopamine-adjacent' to me in that there was a trend towards off-set ledges, 8px snap, and more open and weird shapes than closed in corridors.

Maybe worth a play if you like the cute cat save sound effect, and the clear screen was great, but the needle made me grumpy.

Time: ~33min
Deaths: 820

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 45 45
Jul 2, 2022
I don't exactly know why but I liked the gameplay in this game quite a lot, its special atmosphere and aesthetic also felt kinda attractive to me.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 55 55
May 17, 2021
Lovely visuals, though I wouldn't have liked them if I saw them for, say, 15 screens. Nonetheless, the visuals are the strong point, while the needle is more or less fine. A lot of is quite interesting, but there's also many irritating jumps that really put a damper on the experience. I quite like the save sound, but then I'm extremely easy to please if you just use a cat in any way, so.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 22, 2020