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Needle (2)


  • by egg

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It was fun precision needle.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 73 73
Jul 31, 2019
The needle has some neat stuff but it's really brought down by the horrendous save placement. I personally don't see what's so difficult about making the saves S or Z saves only and placing them directly next to the first jump in each segment. In addition, the engine prevents you from moving if you hold a directional key while resetting; it obviously fixes the issue of the player moving a frame on reset sometimes (albeit in a very inefficient manner), but it's all for naught if you can't even stand next to the first jump anyways though. Oh yeah, and there's a save that tries to tell you how to do a jump with a bonk marker but it's so unclear that I couldn't figure out how to pass without cancelling.

If these issues were to get fixed I would maybe recommend to more skilled players, but as it stands I can't say its worth the frustration.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 30, 2019
Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 30, 2019
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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 70 70
Jun 23, 2020