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Creator: 椎名 京

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64.7 / 100
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Trap (1) RNG (2) Extra (1)


  • by Wolsk
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This game's main gimmick is that your controls keep inverting randomly, all the time. Furthermore this game features invisible blocks, fake blocks, ice, and traps, among other standard gimmicks. It is in a constant limbo between "What the hell, this is disgusting." and "What the hell, this is genius.", sometimes both states are in place at the same time. There are also three bosses, the final boss being the most noteworthy (and hardest) of the three. The extra is by far the hardest part of the game, and it was probably also the most fun for me. This game is very stupid, but it's very much the kind of stupid I like.

Also the music is amazing.

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Nov 11, 2018
The idea is funny, but the saves are the wrong kind of stupid for the main mechanic this game uses. I had minimal amounts of fun outside of a few saves, and the final vine climb made me want to tear my arms off.


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Rating: 0.9 9       Difficulty: 74 74
Jan 14, 2019

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Oct 25, 2018
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Rating: 0.9 9       Difficulty: 60 60
Aug 26, 2021
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Jul 20, 2020