I wanna battle the cherryies

Creator: ゴムけし

Average Rating
6.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
50.1 / 100
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Adventure (2) Needle (3) Gimmick (1) Boss (3) Secrets (1)


  • by Rubber
  • by Rubber

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This is a kind of review I wanted to try once. More than a review, it's pretty much an analysis of the whole game done in bullet points. The base rating will be 5.0, and 0.2 points will be either added or detracted depending on how many minuses or pluses I assigned to the game in total.

- Annoying death effect (-)
- No blaring death music or restarting music (+)
- Good production value (++)
- Alright music choice (+)
- Saves are in the air (-)
- All stages have the same aesthetic and use the same tileset and spikes, only changing the colour (+-)
- Some rooms are straight up corridor needle. There is at least one in each stage on average (-)
- All the bosses have a somewhat repetitive pattern and all have the same music (-)
- The game is chill and rather fun overall (+)
- The game is short (+-)
[TOTAL: +1]

-- Stage Analysis --

STAGE 1: (Trap)
- The stage is just a needle stage with sliding spike traps (+-)
- Traps are very predictable (-)
- First few screens are nice, the last screen is pretty enjoyable (++)
- Traps used weren't creative. (--)
- Boss feels very smooth and fun to fight; despite the bland classic cherry design, it's still nice. (+)
- No traps at the end of saves aside from the last one in screen two. (+)
[TOTAL: +1]

STAGE 2: (Water)
- The stage is a simple water needlish stage with very simple platforming. Water is water2 for the most part. Easier than Stage 1. (+-)
- Light blue water is interesting: It makes the player fall down very quickly and removes their double jump/ability to jump altogether. (++)
- The last screen is kind of slow (-)
- Bosses start showing a pattern. They're all cherry bosses fought in the same way, but with different bullet patterns and stage hazards appearing midway through. The patterns for this one were rather nice aside from the first one, which felt a bit RNG. (+)
[TOTAL: +2]

STAGE 3: (Move)
- The stage features controls/physics changing lasers. It's a fairly common gimmick, but here it's used rather neatly... mainly because it only uses one single laser. May as well call it the "Pogo" stage. (+)
- Pogo laser is very good and used well. (++)
- There were some gate jumps you had to do from ground level, which would be fairly annoying to do normally. Thankfully it's very easy to cancel auto jumps by releasing shift, so they were still a piece of cake. (-)
- There is also a "don't stop moving" gimmick used in a single screen which was kind of neat. (+)
- Boss was pretty nice yet again, despite being very similar in concept to the other bosses. It includes the previously shown "Don't stop moving gimmick" as its midway hazards. Differently from the two cherries before it, the boss changes up the order of the attacks in each restart. Nice. None of the attacks are too RNG dependant as well. Better than the last two bosses, even if perhaps a little easier. (++)
[TOTAL: +5]

Stage 4: (View)
- This stage features two screens being overlapped on the main screen - one in the background, one in the foreground. This can get a bit confusing, but not too much. The gimmick is original but, honestly, not very fun... Especially when the kid shrinks down and it just becomes very easy and sluggish to get through the screen. (-)
- The Stage contains nothing explicitly outraging. (+)
- Easiest boss so far. It does something cool, aka, it switches the Arena around from top to bottom and the Arena itself also looks different from the one of the other bosses... but it's still the same concept, and only has three attacks that come out in order. (+-)
[TOTAL: 0]

Stage 5: (Gravity)
- It's the classic gravity changing gimmick. Nothing special. (+-)
- The gravity changing lasers are all the same. You are never aware of which one turns you back to normal, which one sets low gravity, and which one sets high gravity. The lasers also disappear once touching them, making this confusing. (-)
- The boss is finally a bit different. It's still a cherry floating and shooting patterns, nothing special, but at least the Arena is different, there's no middle spike to shoot, and you've got constantly switching the gravity to work with. Sadly, how the gravity switches is a bit counterintuitive and random. Getting high gravity is pretty much a death sentence for almost all of the patterns, getting low gravity is the only way to actually damage the boss. I still think this is a nice boss due to being different from the others, but it can still get infuriating due to the random high gravity switches. (+)
[TOTAL: 0]

Stage 6: (Dark)
- The gimmick of darkness is hardly used well. I was initially expecting a spotlight gimmick... But the first part had a gimmick in which you turned on the lights by pressing some switches and had to keep it up by pressing them again when possible. Actually rather fun. (+)
- Oh, Goodness Gracious it's a spotlight gimmick. (-)
- The platforming is easier than some of the stages presented before. Stages are non-linear, so this isn't really an issue. (+-)
- The boss is the worst one so far. All its patterns are very simple and kind of uninspired, but it tries to play on the arena to make it interesting... Ending up with making it very tedious. The spike disappears once you shoot it and goes to one of three random places of the arena that are very far apart and must be reached on foot, taking quite some time for you to damage the boss' too large health bar. There are also light switches you need to press again at each of the spike locations, but that isn't an issue. The god damn spotlight appears again midway through the boss, though, making it even more annoying. So far, this is the only boss I actively disliked even though it's not too hard (or even too easy) at all. (-)
[TOTAL: -1]

Finale: (Cherry Queen)
- You can only fight this boss once you clear every other stage. Just thought I'd point that out (+-)
- The boss has only four attacks that change depending on how much HP is left. They switch out for the next attack once you deplete a quarter of the health bar each. (+-)
- The first attack is a very simple aimed attack with some rather wonky aiming. It's alright. (+-)
- The second attack is a shower of bullets that go pretty much everywhere. It's alright, but much more fun compared to the aimed attack. (+)
- The third attack consists of some weird pattern that is never going to touch you, except for some cherries that blend in very well with the confusion but were actually aimed at you the entire time in a very odd way. It's confusing, but not in a challenging or interesting way. (-)
- The fourth attack doesn't contain any RNG, but it's actually rather fun. It's a cool take on a sine wave attack coming from both sides. I liked this attack the best out of the four. (++)
[TOTAL: +2]

-- Difficulty Curve from Easiest Stage to Hardest: --
Stage 2
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 3
Stage 1


Final Rating: 5.0+0.2*10 = 7.0

P.S: It should've been called "I wanna battle the appleies"

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[3] Likes
Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 35 35
Apr 16, 2019
This game feels like something made in 2011, that isn't inherently a bad thing, however the annoyances are also brought over. The visuals are pretty bad, most of it is pretty unpleasant to look at and some gets close to visual_challenge stuff. The platforming is mostly standard. There are some creative gimmciks, but they didn't interest me that much since it's all used in corridor needle stuff. The bosses look pretty standard, however some have the gimmicks from their stage included, which is pretty nice.

If you want to play a classic style fangame i'd recommend it, but otherwise it's kinda bland.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 50 50
Apr 21, 2020
I haven't yet completed the game, but it is definitely a nice one to try out.

You have 6 themed stages with a cherry boss at the end of each stage. These themes in order are:
1. Trap
2. Water
3. Constant movement (automatically jumping when you touch the ground, or having to always walk or jump or else you immediately die)
4. Layered screens
5. Low/High Gravity
6. Darkness/Flashlight

The later stages have some interesting design, but the first stage definitely lacks a lot. The bosses are mostly average and just try to reflect the theme or gimmick that the stage has. After clearing all 6 stages, you get to a King/Queen Cherry for the "final boss". This boss is actually somewhat fun for 4 pattern attacks, they're extremely easy once you learn them but they're pleasing to look at.

Now, everything after this comes with the game's secrets.

Each of the 6 stages has a secret room in it, really just discovered by hugging walls until you start walking through one. Stage 1 is a standard needle secret, stage 2 features water needle, and so on.

Each secret gives you a key when you complete it, adding up to 6 keys. Once you have all 6 keys and you've beaten the boss once, an 8th door will open up in the room to the right of the 7 doors. This brings you to one room of hard needle as a special room, which is actually not that bad either. I had a fun time playing the screen, even if I ended up choking a few of the jumps.

Once you complete this screen, you get a rocket which serves an important purpose in the boss fight. Go back to the boss, play it as usual, and when you take out its health the rocket will appear which you can hop in to enter the next phase of the true final boss. I won't tell anything about this boss, so people can have fun experiencing it for themselves.

In the end, this game starts out kinda meh but really starts to pick up the pace and become fun to play if you see it out to the end.

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[0] Likes
Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 60 60
Apr 24, 2019


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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 65 65
Apr 21, 2019
Not a bad game, but ruined by extremely aggressive visuals

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Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 19, 2019