I wanna intense the refrection

Creator: 炎の紋章

Average Rating
8.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
32.0 / 100
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Avoidance (1)


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1 Review:

I wanna intense the refrection is actually one of the older Burning Emblum's games made around 2013, even though style of its is more fits to his more newer games, like I wanna shoot the star, rather than his truly old games, like I wanna be a good player like liquid. That you can easily conclude by quality and pretty high production value. The only thing is that it was unknown for a very long time, since it was never published on Japanese wiki and since game itself is very hard to get.

Game itself is basically about avoidance, which is quite differently made than in I wanna shoot the star. No, it still has good amount of visual effects and unusual attacks and has very good aesthetics. This time it is quite harder and uses totally different style of music. This time we have DJ Yoshitaka's soundtrack VALLIS-NERIA, which is very well-made soundtrack. Avoidance uses this time quite a lot of patterns, but in the same it has some amount of RNG, which makes it quite baalnced at this point, even though some people may find it boring to stay at the corner on many patterns at the beginning, but I found that attacks was well-synched with music and looked pretty good. The only weird RNG (somewhere before screen first time spins) set was for one attack, where you can get RNG, where there are literally no fruits or RNG when there are quite many fruits, which makes quite hard to dodge it. Yes, maybe RNG attack with a heart before cutscene looks quite unfair sometimes, but later on I found that it isn't as bad as it may seem at first. Talking about cutscene. It looks very well and fits awesome in the soundtrack, however in the stars appear, I wish there were more of them, since it would look quite better, but it doesn't mean that it looks bad. Final phase may seem confusing, but keep in mind that you can stay on blocks and they don't kill you, so everything gets a lot easier than if you had to jump all the time. Idea to put infinite jump for the player really fits well for the layout, attacks and music. I really had fun time, and surprisingly I liked this avoidance a lot more than the one in I wanna shoot the star.

Overall, really amazing avoidance! Yes, rating may seem overrated, but, in my opinion, avoidance is really worth your time, since it has eye-pleasing visuals and ear-pleasing music and has very fun gameplay! Highly recommended to anyone!

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Aug 14, 2019