I wanna dance with you

Creator: YamiyCat

Average Rating
5.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
45.0 / 100
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Needle (1) Avoidance (2) HP (1)


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Rating includes extra.

The normal ending consists of a singular short +1 needle room that goes on for about a dozen iterations followed by an avoidance. The needle starts is relatively unengaging as it is easy even by the end, follows the +1 formula, and is not especially creative. The avoidance that follows is basically circle spam from the middle for 80% of it with the other 20% being a bouncing attack with a kinda yucky transition. Production value for either is practically nonexistent. As a whole, the experience would be 30 diff and about a 3/10 quality wise since while not particularly painful to play through it is a pretty boring experience.

Extra is a mirror image of normal, except it clearly has had much more effort put into it. It still consists of a +1 needle room and an avoidance, however both have received significant improvements. The needle has quite a lot of production value poured into it, with a lot of particles in the background as well as a surface effect (if you die on the wrong frame, you may get a crash related to it). The needle is a step up in difficulty, however unfortunately not in quality: The screen layout is 4 corridors stacked on top of each other, and the needle is what you would expect from it. Gates, diagonals, diamonds, corners, 16px, you name it. At the same time, saves are frequent and the needle isn't that hard, and so it does scratch the junk food needle itch very well.

The avoidance this time around has more than 2 attacks as well as the option to choose between 1,250 and 500 hp, all of which (presumably, I only checked 500) will lead you to the clear screen when beaten. Unfortunately, the avoidance has parts that are complete and utter bullshit, with extremely fast bullets being thrown into the screen to fill space then either getting launched away from the center, snapping towards the player for a bit before going away, or getting launched in a random direction. Some attacks rely on making randomly selected cherries in a formation go away with the other half staying, and expecting the player to get to the other side of the formation, and the random selection can easily screw you over leaving you with the gaps in your vicinity being covered by blocks. There is also a bouncing attack that accelerates to scattered faith level of speed and a couple instances of aimed+rng that seem like you just have to pray the rng doesn't prevent you from advancing, both of which are at the end of the avoidance. As a result, doing this with 1 HP would be a massive luck grind that I doubt anyone will want to go for, however with 500 hp most of the flaws can be overlooked and you can get to enjoy the more relaxed rng attacks which do occur frequently throughout the fight while flailing around and trying to minimize hp loss for the patterns.

Overall extra was fun in a guilty pleasure kind of way, and any% can just be breezed through to get to it, and so I'd say that this might be worth checking out for a veteran player looking for something chill to play if they don't mind junk food needle. Despite the difficulty tag (which honestly I'm not entirely sure of, since the avoidance is hard to gauge properly), I would not recommend this to new players.

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Sep 26, 2021
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