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Needle (2) Short (1) Triple_Jump (1)


  • by GaspacoZanis

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Review has some explanations for gameplay, for each save individually.

Finally, after I get to better keyboard, I was able to clear all new-found Burning Emblum's games! I don't know how soon (if it is going to happen) I will get more of his games, but for now I think it is already enough for me.

You can ask why, and I can answer that answer is very easy to explain - just look on the screenshot. Yes. Basically, it is the game. Game has literally one room of needle and clear screen, which is very glitchy, and that is it. Game does not have title screen (at least the version, which I have) and there are no statistics of deaths and time at all. Even title in game's window tells "I wanna be the Engine!". The only good things is that music does not restart and tileset is OK, however that is about it.

The biggest issue of this game is the gameplay. Because of how precise the gameplay is, I had to switch to my other computer, just to be able to make 2 frame jumps or even cancelling, which I guess is required here.

Already in save 1 you may get confused on second jump, because it seems like some kind of double diamond, however it is easier than it looks, because 'T' blocks give you triple jump. It is very obvious, author.. But it does not help on third jump, which looks like requires some kind of weird maneuvers. But those are flowers in comparison with the second save...

Save 2 is the worst one, in my opinion. I thought it is going to be easy, but I was wrong. I don't know if it is the engine's problem, but you cannot jump properly with these platforms. The only way I found to work for me was to make 2 high jumps and in platforms between first and second block to make a cancel. I did 2 shift cancel though. Cancel looks like is the only way to regain jump properly...

Save 3 is the easiest one, which shouldn't give any problems if you have cleared previous 2.

Save 4 is the problematic part. Since you cannot skip jump due to saveblockers, I guess you have to do double diamond first, and then rejump with the third jump. I don't know is it possible to make it in any other way though.

Save 5 is pretty easy if you have faced this jump in other needle fangames, however it is also annoying, since I felt that my fingers were aching...

If you get to the portal you get to the room, which says 'Clear' if I get it right. Fun fact is that if you close the game (ctrl+alt+F4) and then will re-open it, then game will be quit broken, since you are going to be teleported to the beginning but after death kid is going to fall in 'Clear' screen for some reason...

Exe of this game is from 28th of December 2013, which is the newest from 5 new-found games, but I cannot understand why it exists and why it is so bad. I guess it was made for small group of people, but, still, author could make at least title screen and could make saves more adequate. Als, it is the hardest Burning Emblum's game so far and also the worst one. Highly wouldn't recommend.

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Sep 7, 2019
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