I wanna be the son of a witch

Creator: 地獄草

Average Rating
6.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
71.5 / 100
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Avoidance (4) Short (1)


  • by Werum
  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by Werum

5 Reviews:

Although I wanna be the son of a witch is apparently 地獄草 (Hell Grass) first avoidance game and first 2020 game, I think it resulted to be extremely well-done.

Unfortunately, this game is not as popular as it could be. And I wouldn't have played it if I hadn't seen it on RNG_Guy's Friday Fangame Roulette (shoutouts to cryflake who requested it). I was very impressed by the game and on the same day I downloaded it. It was a very sudden decision, since at that time I tried to play new games as rarely as possible. I don't know, maybe it was an effect of the COVID-19 pandemics in my country, because it was the first day, when all facilities were closed and started staying-at-home period. I had more time to play and probably wanted to play something that could make me in a better mood.

Anyway, it is not so important. More important is the fact that game seemed fun from video, and it was fun when I tried it. Maybe I was not a fan of the needle loading screen at the time, because I wanted to get to the avoidance as fast as possible, and I am not a good needle player, as you probably can tell. Now when I tried to clear it second time, it felt more fun. It looks pretty generic, but for some reason music helps to bring unique magical, I guess, atmosphere to this needle. I was mainly not a fan of the last water drop, but it is even nerfed to not be precise at all. I don't know why it was made for the load screen, but fine. After what I have seen in I wanna be JITTER DOLL, I think this is much better and much more fitting for the aesthetics.

Yes, I have played this game for more than 3 months (and originally, I wanted for it to be my first clear of 2020, and to beat it in 1 month) and yet it took me 13 hours, which is 2 hours less than I wanna be JITTER DOLL (I don't know how much needle took in I wanna be the son of a witch, because there is no timer there, because it is 'not a part of the game', but I think no more than 1 hour?), which I have beaten in one week or so? The reason is because I didn't play I wanna be the son of a witch much. I just played when I had time and the mood. It is even pretty funny, how I almost didn't play this game for a month (or maybe a little bit less?) and then randomly after playing for 20 minutes or even less I have beaten the game. And yet I progressed in this game through these months.

As genesis1987 already said, this avoidance is pretty fun even despite its shortness (around 90 seconds) . Of course, I was a little bit unaware, when I saw the difficulty 78 (which was changed to 69 later on) , but I didn't care much of it, as far as I had fun with the gameplay.

Gameplay basically consists from 3 main parts:

1) From the beginning until the 'active part' – [url]https://youtu.be/Q4zcVh33s1U?t=53[/url].
2) From 'active part' – [url]https://youtu.be/Q4zcVh33s1U?t=53[/url] – until the start of repeating of the first attacks – [url]https://youtu.be/Q4zcVh33s1U?t=79[/url] .
3) From the 'reminiscence of the beginning' until the end.

When I was watching RNG_Guy's stream it was told that the main difficulty is the section 2, and everything else is pretty much easier. I wouldn't agree with that. I think that first and second section are pretty equal in difficulty. Third section is a little bit easier, but since it is at th very end of hard avoidance, it is not easy at all.

As you can tell from the first section, this avoidance has very fast attacks and is almost purely RNG. It does not really make it RNG-dependant, since avoidance is very fair, yet it is hard. Avoidance requires the player to learn attacks and get used to different kind of RNG. Maybe at first the short break before the start of avoidance may feel annoying, but with time I didn't really notice it. In first section the whole difficulty is in the speed. At first it is hard to get used to it, but when you understand it and get used to it, then many attacks get a lot easier. I think it is still problematic to get used to black & white zigzags, since they give sometimes very hard situations, but nothing too serious. I had fun with the very start and with water section. Very original and fun to play. And I was very surprised of well-used shaking effect in water section, which is extremely fitting. And I really liked the black rings before the section 2, however they are very hard. It is probably the hardest attack to be consistent on, because it requires good reading and understanding how the attack works. You just should understand the movement which is easier for you, and then it will be much more easier. And it is very important, because at some point it is actually hard to get until this part through many RNG attacks. I think it took me several hours to get consistency.

And then starts section 2. I would divide it into 2 parts: everything before and after bouncing attack. The first part consists from 'reading-test' . At first it is actually pretty easy, because fruits are spawning on the right side. I didn't have problems to read it. Most of time it is not too hard to read it. The problems starts with the black ring, which is hard to read due to its speed and following attack where fruits spawn at the right side and on the top. It is extremely fun, but also very difficult to read. And yet I always knew what I have done wrong, when I died. With good reads, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. You just have to read extremely well. It also reminded a little bit of I wanna bye the Bye, but easier, I guess. Also there is another black ring before bouncing, be aware of it, it is also troublesome to read it.

But it is not the end of section 2. The next few attacks before section 3 are pretty hard too. I am not exactly sure how fair or unfair it is, because at first I couldn't read it at all, but then I got somehow used to the different RNG. The problem is when bouncing fruits stop and go to the centre. You have to read splashes from fruits, big splash after then, and short before section 3 jump and go the right to avoid the aiming.

If you got passed it, then starts the last section. I probably got to it like 10 times or so. 4 times I got to the very last attack. Basically it consists from the repeating of the first few attacks and then the last attack in which you have to get through ton of small fruits. I am not sure how much attacks are different from the beginning, but I think they are buffed? If no, then I just had very tough RNG for the most of time. But it is not exactly the biggest problem. I found that the last attack is very hard for the finale and it makes the difficulty higher. Getting to it is a problem, and getting passed it too.

Just look on how often I got to the last attack:

1) 5:26:05 (1169 deaths) (18/03/2020 (night) )
2) 9:50:13 (1950 deaths) (07/04/2020)
3) 11:17:49 (2174 deaths) (19/04/2020)
4) 13:11:12 (2521 deaths) - clear (28/06/2020 (night) )

Moreover, take in mind that I died even to the very last fruit on second or third attempt. At first, I was very against this attack, but on the last attempt it actually didn't feel so unreasonable as I have thought. Maybe it is too much for the hard avoidance, but it somehow fits for the whole avoidance, I guess.

It is a real adventure to learn this avoidance, and I am actually surprised how well-done it is. It looks good and is fun to learn. I do not think that there are unreadable attacks. Everything is fine as far as you are ready for them. It is a challenge, without doubts, but as I was told, it is still easier than avoidances like I wanna bye the Bye. Still, I had great time with it. It is even unbelievable that I changed my mind, because I really thought that it is unlearnable and requires luck. I was surprised that I could learn them and play this avoidance with a good consistency on attacks. I am returning to my original rating, because I think this is a good example how to make RNG avoidance, in my opinion.

Long story short – if you are a decent avoidance player and if you feel that you want to try this avoidance, then you should try it. Needle section shouldn't take too much even if you are horrible in needles, like me. But I think it is worth to try because beating this avoidance is like receiving an award. And I do not regret trying this avoidance. I am proud of beating it and having it as my 70+ difficulty clear this year. Well, it is hard to say how hard it is, and probably I will change my difficulty with time, but overall it feels like low 70 avoidance, I guess?

Anyway, in very short: I would recommend this game, unless you like to complain all the time about 'having bad RNG' .

P.S. Not sure why this game is called 'I wanna be the son of a witch' . I guess it was an intention to not say swear word in English, because it is the first impression of the title, when someone says it. Or the used sprite on avoidance is some 'witch' ? I don't know, just guessing.

P.S.S.If someone does not want to beat this game, but is interested what happens when you beat this game and go to right, where is an empty block, then I can tell that you got this kind of image, not sure what is written on it though –[url]https://prnt.sc/tf8r9s[/url].

P.S.S.S. I don't know is it important for someone, but sprite does not kill you if you try to touch it in water section.

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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 72 72
Jul 10, 2020
fun and hard fast paced avoidance

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 24, 2021
pretty short anvoidance it was fun.

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Rating: 7.9 79       Difficulty: 69 69
Jan 13, 2020
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Rating: 4.2 42       Difficulty: 75 75
Apr 8, 2023
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Dec 5, 2021