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65.8 / 100
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Avoidance (2) durability (1)


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  • by GaspacoZanis

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To understand better what is this avoidance about, I am going to explain this avoidance, getting quickly through the whole avoidance with my commentary, using Ramirus's clear video (and at some point 龍之介 video too) as a reference, because why not?

Basically this avoidance is composed from 5 differently styled phases, which intersect flawlessly with each other. The first one is actually the hardest one and the one, which requires the most of learning. Normally, the first phase ends when colour of tileset changes from blue to orange. However, I would even divide this phase in two sub-phases, everything up to this point is sub-phase 1 – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=15[/url]. It is just 15 seconds long, but can take a lot of time just to learn it properly. It took me around 20-40 minutes if I recall correctly. The reason for that is several patterns which changes so fast with each other, that it takes times to understand what is actually going on. It can also feel a little bit tiring to learn it. Yet I didn't feel that it is annoying or anything. It just takes time. The second phase, on the other hand, can seem a little bit easier, even though I felt on some attacks being unfair, at first. I really thought that this star attack – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=22[/url] – requires using one-frames or two-frames to be consistent on them. Well, you can just go further right and then slowly going left, should be fine. The bigger problem was with this attack – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=29[/url] – and just because it is very confusing. You have to read RNG, you have to aim the walls correctly and then you have to aim another line properly, so that you can go down. Still, it is bearable. After that is small RNG and very cool transition to the next phase. Just be aware that you do not stand at the very wall, otherwise it is going to be an unpleasant surprise. I think I first got to the next phase when I had been playing for an hour or so.

The next phase is entirely pattern-based and is not very hard, once you understand it. You just have to take proper savespots and jump in the right moment. I randomly passed it from third or fourth attempt, but then suddenly I couldn't understand it at all. Using Ramirus strats wasn't the bad idea. The trouble was to understand timings, especially, this part – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=43[/url] – but mainly it depends on how much you are playing on it. After some time you will get used to it, and it won't be much of a problem, to be honest. The only real issue was to properly align for the first gap, but it still isn't so precise.

The third phase starts with changing colors to the firsts set, but now having two girls from previous phases both in one room. I cleared within 5-8 attempts. The only problem was to perform this pattern – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=51[/url] . However, I actually used different strategy for it. I highly recommend to do this way it, as 龍之介 does it, since it makes everything much easier – [url]https://youtu.be/NyheFP8Q340?t=51[/url] . I think I did the end of the pattern very approximately, and I think I was close enough to die, yet I I somehow managed to get through it. After that I first tried the whole avoidance (not blind playthrough though) , but I am still going through it. After that tricky pattern you have to move in a particular way, just look what is the path on videos. The only problem, I guess, can be this random – [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeS6sKs_bPs&feature=youtu.be&t=52[/url] – so be careful with it. After that colors change and starts the fourth phase.

The fourth phase follows the way as second phase – it is entirely pattern. Therefore it can be easily done if you remember correct strats. I used 龍之介 strats, and they somehow worked for me. The phase looks hectic, in a good way. You have to avoid everything very carefully, since I guess you can die very easily on this phase. Just do not rush, otherwise you will bump into the wall of fruits. The only pattern, from which I was very scared was the last pattern before the final phase, i.e, this – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=72[/url].

The finale change colors entirely to some purplish color. It is also fully pattern, I guess? The main idea is to jump as less as possible, only when really necessary. The real scary part is this – [url]https://youtu.be/zeS6sKs_bPs?t=72[/url] – , I thought I did it wrong, but somehow I didn't die on it, even though when I was first saw it, I thought that it is quite precise. Just be sure not to fail the very end of it. Pretty much it.

When we know what the gameplay is about, I will talk a little bit about visuals, song itself and other aspects. Surprisingly, this avodance has absolutely amazing visuals, similar to other マリマリオ games. I adore how he managed to use GIF files so aesthetically well. They fit excellent there with also such an amazing soundtrack! And every attack match with the visuals, I didn't have feeling that attacks are alienated from song, it is part of it. The thing which I like the most in author's style is that he uses, seamingly, standart attack sets (different stars, hearts and etc.), but they look amazing, despite that. It takes time to learn, but it is a pleasure to perform everything. Of course, I can say that RNG could be more fair, and that it is donwside of avoidance, but I think it is OK. I guess there could be found problems, but they are minor, to be honest.

Also I want to bring out one detail. I think it isn't coincidence that it is already second avoidance of マリマリオ, where I managed to beat the big part of avoidance within one attempt. Previous time it happened with I wanna be the lapis lazuli, now with this game. I think creator tried to make the accent on difficulty at the start, and tried to make ending possible to first try if you know what to expect or if you have a good amount of skill. And, personally, I think it is better than putting instagib at the very end of the avoidance.

I cleared avoidance under 2 hours ([url]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/479930956187172865/712006636646170734/Clear.jpg[/url]), while I expected for avoidance to take around 4 hours. And I think if I didn't first try most of the avoidance, then probably it would take somewhere around this. Thus, i can say in the conclusion, that I can recommend this avoidance to anyone. However, knowing how much people don't like grinding stuff, I would say, that it is better to be played if you have a huge motivation in beating this because of different reasons, whether they are connected to the soundtrack, visuals, gameplay or anything else. The other option is to play for those who are more experienced in avoidances. Patterns are precise enough to get on nerves beginner players and RNG isn't free at all. I think it shouldn't take for upper-average player to beat it under 5 hours in a non-blind playthrough, and definitelly, in my opinion, under 10 hours for average or slightly under-average player. Despite any possible critics or downside, it was a great experience for me, and I hope that it can be appreciated by anyone else too! Highly recommended!

P.S. My difficulty rating is very approximate, take that into consideration!

Edit: I forgot to mention that on second orange phase I used いのす strategy. It is very convenient and easy to understand. Here is a video of it - [url]https://youtu.be/VImmFifS5MU?t=62[/url]

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May 19, 2020
Bad game.

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May 18, 2020
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Jul 4, 2020
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