I Wanna Fill in the Blanks 2

Creator: Kurath

Average Rating
9.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
48.3 / 100
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Adventure (7) Trap (1) Gimmick (1) Boss (5) Special (3) Mad_Libs (1) voice (1) FM2020 (1)


  • by NightShark115

Creator's Comments:

kurath [Creator]
Edit: V1.02 is current version - minor update to nerf some parts and fix a couple crashes related to twitch integration

The sequel to Fill in the Blanks is another round of questionable antics in a short adventure game setting with another bonus new twist. Should be relatively short and quite zany, and requires an internet connection to play. The new gimmick is optional, as many people may understandably not want to utilize it.

If you've having issues with your recorded sounds being too quiet (which is a common problem that I could not find a better solution for), use the relative volume option in the soundcheck or the options to reduce the volume of all other sounds and then increase the master volume appropriately.

Update: 2021-03-08 - Due to formatting changes via search engines, I had to update the matching pattern again. If you downloaded before this date it will likely no longer work, please re-download. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

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Tagged as: Adventure Special
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 16, 2020

16 Reviews:

If you've played the previous game, then this the same content as before, the concept is very entertaining especially with the addition of sounds to make the experience a little more varied. The gameplay I'm still not super big on, as with the predecessor, but it's still a fun enough time that it's more than worth a playthrough.

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 39 39
May 25, 2023
Fill in the Blanks 2 is a sequel that steps up from the previous game both through some great system improvements, as well as through a higher difficulty. This aspect could throw a wrench in the work of lower-skilled players who were expecting something along the lines of the original, so be wary of such.

The main highlight of the game comes from the Mad Libs aspect of it, in which Kurath has amply provided a great layout once again to utilize it with. It's pretty clear that IWBTG fangames at this point are pretty much perfect canvases for this idea, so I'm glad there's a second one. To help show that this game has evolved from the first, a new feature has been added that really changes the experience for the better. The final stage in particular uses it in such a creative way that I honestly was shocked at how well it worked.

As I mentioned at the start, I do think the difficulty is sort of a drawback to the game. There's a good bit of actual Needle jumps to worry about, alongside some pretty tough bosses. Even the trap stage took me a lot longer than expected, particularly due to one of the gimmicks there being very uncomfortable to use. 2 bosses in the game actually took me quite a bit of time to beat, (and also had some particularly unsavory attacks I can't say I liked), though the one at the end of the trap stage was alright and the final boss was actually the easiest in the game. I think a game like this would do best with a lower difficulty since it's an idea everyone in the community can enjoy, it's much more fun to just romp around with friends or whatnot without having to worry about being stuck on a save.

Overall, I think it's a solid game, just wish it was a bit easier personally so more people could enjoy it. I would definitely recommend it, but strongly advise only if you can handle about 50 difficulty with ease.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Boss Special
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 50 50
Sep 22, 2022
Fill in the Blanks 2.0, hilarious and enjoyable throughout.

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Tagged as: Adventure Boss voice
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 45 45
Sep 7, 2020
A good sequel to what was already an interesting game.
Fill in the blanks 2 follow the same concept as his predecessor, using matlib for generating most of the visuals. It's overall pretty good and add many gimmicks and stuff compared to the first game like a hub, some voice recorders, cn3 gimmicks and more content. For the good points, bosses are really good and level design is mostly well-done.
For the things I had trouble with, the boss of the right warp of the hub is by far the hardest moment of the game, being really harder than ther other bosses even the final one. The voice recorders are a good idea in theory because it allow you to customize your game to another level, but since the game doesn't allow you to upload sounds (you can technically if you go in the files of the game but you cannot do it directly from the game, and I'm not even sure id it's possible with that method since you have to replace the right file with what you want to use and they all have random names), I'm not sure if someone will use it because let's be honest, nobody like earing its own voice. I ended up skipping all the voice recorders because of that. The right warp has an interesting concept, a maze where you have to seek for power ups that make you gain extra jumps up to five is a neat idea but thanks god you don't have to collect all of them because some spots are everything I hate in fangames : precise cycles or cycles where you have to wait and find the good moments for jumping. I'm not saying they are bad but I was really glad to not be forced to do them. And lastly, matlib obliges : hitbox. I had less problems than for the first game, but for exemple I had a platypus with a hitbox that totally doesn't correspond to the used picture.

In overall, it was chill. I'm gonna be frank and say that I'm not especially interested in the concept, for me it doesn't really make the game better, it's even the opposite because I had to replace some pictures because one was totally wtf and I have no idea how matlib found that abomination and I didn't want to see that the whole game, and because the other made the final boss impossible since it was half transparent. It's probably my deep hate for sudoku shits that results in this, but I guess why not.

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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 16, 2020
Even funnier than the first one. The addition of sound effects create some absolute hilarity. The platforming and bosses are also a league above the somewhat mediocre ones in the original, and none of this game felt unpleasant. The trap are has some really funny stuff, and the metroidvania area is really cool. The final area is fantastic, and you should avoid spoilers. Overall, this is one of the funniest fangame experiences, and a must play.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 45 45
Jul 25, 2022