I wanna be the Pendulum

Creator: dagger

Average Rating
9.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
68.4 / 100
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Adventure (7) Avoidance (3) Trap (4) Gimmick (2) Boss (1) Long (4) Puzzle (1) Visual_Challenge (1) Undertale (1) Lovelive (1) VVVVVV (1) SourPls (2) Orbit (1) Yumenikki (1) :tf: (1)


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13 Reviews:

- Rating/Difficulty based off 100% achievements completion on Normal. Difficulty would be around 60-65 for a normal playthrough but the difficulty of this game is all over the place regardless.

Very long adventure game with a LOT of variety. Given how varied the stages are it's hard to say much other than you might encounter stages with mechanics you don't like at all, though I didn't have this problem.

This game also has an Easy mode (that you can toggle at any time) which heavily nerfs everything. From what I've checked it removes some of the dumbest stuff in the game which makes some segments that were annoying in Normal much more enjoyable. Examples: On the ship avoidance of stage 1 you get better save placement plus it removes the trap at the end of it. The VVVVVV segment of the final stage has the camera follow you, so you don't have to memorize each screen individually. The puzzle segment of the final stage has a very annoying frame perfect button press that gets removed.
However it also removes some content (some bosses have their harder phases cut for example).

Personally I loved this game, I found most stages to be very interesting and some traps were very amusing, haven't been so invested in a fangame for quite a while. Going for 100% was very fun for me, as I liked going back into the stages to explore them more while trying to find the achievements with the hints given. Another thing I liked about 100% is: The EX Patchouli boss. Buffed version from IWBTPrism's final boss which is a destination-like fight. I had a lot of fun with this boss and it is fair most of the time. Also one of the hardest bosses in the game.

That being said the game does have issues. I felt some saves went on for too long, and it also doesn't help that these long saves also have traps sometimes and they feel very unnecessary. The rng on a few bosses felt like it could've been balanced better and I think that having a tell for what attack is coming next could've alleviated this problem a lot since it would give you time to adjust for the attack coming instead of having to guess.
And while it is optional, I also need to mention the worst part of the game: The EX boss Reika is by far the worst. It's filled with annoying voice clips and the final phase is a horrible rng mess where you just need to pray to not get walled.

In short, while I had a blast playing this game it does have a couple issues that lowered my enjoyement of it a bit. I'm Very glad to see this game completed after all these years.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Long
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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 28, 2020
rating based on 100% clear

this is a really long adventure game with a lot of unique ideas in classic dagger style
throughout the game there are achievements you an go for and should you miss some there are hints given that make it a bit easier to find them.
the rng and learning in some of the extra content is a bit harsh imo but overall the maingame is just insanely well made with barely anything i can think of that wasnt fun.
im personally just really glad that dagger finished this insane project and i still have slight hope this isnt maybe the last thing we see from him!

dont feel like going too much into detail with the review since its most fun if you experience this game for yourself which it is definitely worth to do

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Gimmick Long
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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 73 73
Aug 2, 2020
Alright, where do I begin (never heard that cliche start to a review before). Pendulum is a massive adventure game with a TON of variety, each stage is very distinct in its own special way, some going far beyond the boundaries of your typical fangame type stuff. The production value all throughout is top notch, some of the best you'll find in any fangame, with a lot of unique traps to boot. Each stage has it's own mix of gimmicks to it, and I like to think that they fall between about 3 separate categories.

First up is the vision obstructing gimmicks. This was done in a variety of different ways, and each time they were pretty hit or miss for me. A few of the stages feature a zoomed in camera which heavily reduces how far ahead you can see, sometimes this is manageable with how the stage is designed around it, other times though it can get quite annoying and obnoxious to play with. These types of gimmicks weren't the most offensive overall, but they got quite annoying at points.

The second up is the fast paced, platforming gimmick. All in all I enjoyed all of these, especially because there is a V6 stage and I'm a big fan of those. I felt that this was when the game was at it's best, when it was just platforming with fun gimmicks and a couple traps along the way.

Now the third kind of gimmick is the most offensive unfortunately, and I like to refer to it as the "Slow and tedious" gimmicks. A couple of stages feature gimmicks and mechanics that are in nature just painfully slow and tedious. A couple examples are a stage where every enemy has so much more hp than necessary along with a mechanic that makes it hard to do any damage, gimmicks that are slow and have timers attached to them which punish you for playing fast. Overall this was when the game was at it's lowest, especially when it combines a very slow gimmick with instagibby traps.

The bosses were pretty mixed for me, a lot of up close and personal combat fights which I'm never that big a fan of. Overall though I think that they were done pretty well, with some fights that were the highlights of the game, and others that were the lowest points.

All in all, this is a top tier adventure game and you won't find many like it. It is also a VERY mixed bag, enjoyment will vary greatly from player to player due to the bizarre variety of gimmicks and traps. The game comes with the ability to switch between normal and easy mode at anytime, I can't speak on the quality of easy mode personally, but it seemed like a good option if something became too annoying/upsetting to handle on normal mode. I'd definitely recommend this game to people, but with a bit of a warning before going in.

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Gimmick Boss Long Puzzle SourPls
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 68 68
Jul 30, 2020
An outstanding adventure game, long awaited by the community for ages. From the get-go, the production value is top-notch, the option for an English translation really helps make a difference in the experience in comparison to Dagger's past games, where often you would get lost or put a lot of time into understanding a specific mechanic/gimmick, while it sounds like a very small detail it is an aspect that would throw me off, things are easier to get into no matter how unique and different from the norm it may be in this game. Throughout the whole thing, you can really see Dagger's style shine, the way he implements the themes into both his platforming and his bosses will always impress me, some parts better executed or more creative than others. Which ends up going into the topic of it having so much variety that it may not be for everyone, having around 12 stages be this different from each other are sure to bring that up at some point, but I definetly recommend at least giving it a shot.

The difficulty of the whole thing is a bit weird to really pinpoint, you can choose what stage you want to do in whatever order and depending on the stage you have a few ways to make certain segments easier on you, as well as not being required to do all of it. And so, comes the last stage, probably the only part that bothered me for how hard it is for its' own good, feeling like it went on for too long, some rooms being more precise than it felt it should've been. The bosses were generally the hard part of their respective stages, but even as the quality and difficulty greatly vary between them I still thoroughly enjoyed every one of them, the last one was certainly an unexpected ending to the game, but the checkpoints really helped make it more of a solid experience and balance out the learniness a bit, specially in case you're not familiar with the game it comes from.

Overall, there's an overwhelming amount of content in just one package, and while I loved all of it I can definetly see it not fitting certain people's tastes, but regardless at least some of it is sure to be a hit. I highly recommend most of Dagger's games, not only for how nostalgic they may feel to me but some of them hold up very well to this day, and while this game shows a lot of differences from the previous works a lot of his charm remains, which I greatly appreciate. Everything felt so fun and worth my time, I suggest you try it out in case you haven't as, personally, a fantastic contender for the title of Fangame of the Year, and I hope to see more games in the future that can truly stand up to it.

Thank you very much for making the game and for all the time and effort put into it, Dagger.

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Tagged as: Adventure
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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 68 68
Jul 26, 2020
Dagger-thank you for making this game

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Tagged as: Adventure
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Jul 26, 2020