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Needle (1) Math (1) Quiz (2)


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So realistically speaking, this rating is completely meaningless.

I did not actually do any of the needle though I certainly watched and assessed it, Nal did the needle while I answered the math questions. Math questions you ask? Yeah, every screen has a math question at the end to progress, if you get it wrong you're doing the needle again.

This is intended to be a 12000 floor game (yea...) but this is v.01 and "only" has 100 floors. It has one song, basically, and instead of having other songs, it has a NANG style textbox where every now and then it just tells you about a song to go look it up yourself if you want I guess. Tileset changes every 5 floors keeps the visuals somewhat interesting, dipping into the vast jtool skins repository for basically all of them.

The needle is heavily 32px and looks kind of uninspired for the most part. Lots of repeated jumps, wildly inconsistent difficulty balancing and occasionally just tosses a super F or a tas-style drop at you out of nowhere. Compounded with the fact that there's tons of top of the screen platforming, with a NANG style textbox that occludes the top of the screen until you touch it, its upsetting at times. There's no real gimmicks or anything, just straight needle (some kill blocks and static fruit).

The math questions range from simple arithmetic, to moderate word puzzles, then just rolls with geometry for about 60 levels straight. The difficulty is hard to gauge, of course, because its subjective and depends on your knowledge set, but we probably spent a lot less time on the questions than on the needle in general. Is it because I'm better at math than Nal is at needle? Doubtful, but who knows! Expect to need to know a fair of trigonometry - probably above high school level, but not really into any deeper subjects than that (as in trigonometry is probably the most complicated subject that you will encounter). A lot of them seem ripped off the internet, so there's probably the chance you can look up answers with enough work but who knows.

All in all, its an interesting concept, but the needle is so repetitive and given its less than 1% of the advertised, it was getting harder a lot faster than it was getting more interesting, so its hard to say where it'd end up. Its hard to recommend this to about anyone, but if you like math and predominantly 32 px needle, this could be for you. Hopefully it gets more quality instead of simply quantity as it grows, but I didn't hate it.

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Aug 7, 2020
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Jul 27, 2020