i wanna be the DSZL

Creator: 29帆官

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72.0 / 100
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29hokan [Creator]
i wanna be the DSZL

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Sep 5, 2020

2 Reviews:

EDIT: It looks like the maker saw my review and updated the game to add wuss saves which finally makes the needle worth playing. For this reason I'll change the review since the needle is actually managable now. Thanks for updating the game quickly.

Now that I beat the game, I can finally give my honest review. The game still has 3 screens, but each screen has multiple saves now. It doesn't seem like any of the needle got nerfed, which definitely could have deserved that as well but alas I beat it. It's pretty much hard needle with a few frame perfect jumps thrown in here and there. You can see that the maker is actually good at making needle; it's just that it's kinda unexciting and overly precise for some reason. For games like these where the needle itself is cleverly made but unfun to grind in it's current state I'd like to remind makers that they shouldn't focus too much on "this jump is easy for me, let's buff it a ton for others to stay stuck on" to makes the needle a lot more manageable and fun to play.

I want to conclude this by saying that the maker shouldn't give up on making needle if somebody might dislike the game. The ideas and skill is definitely there, it's just that it feels too hard to play at the moment so I'd only really recommend this for hardcore needle players at the moment, for these it shouldn't be a big deal.

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Sep 5, 2020