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needle_only [Creator]
i am bananaguy. i come here to provide a description of each game:
ascension to heaven: 2 hard needle screens
banana pudding 3: 32px needle
bp2: unfinished game
camellia teahouse: short high level needle game
dream trap: bad needle and a bad avoidance with a long intro
kamilia christmas: story based adventure game with a shoot boss
kill the banana pudding: literally just the default yuutuu miku avoidance
tree needle: really fun difficult needle
your banana pudding: my first game... mostly bad corridor needle
close the world: conceptual needle game inspired by serial experiments lain
feel again: easy l needle
fly the ufo: very difficult needle similar to ftfa
lick your banana pudding: bad needle with ugly visuals
pudding game: absolute garbage
revenge the syndrome: hard short avoidance and some needle
take turns: each creator took turns making a save not very good game
inga: bad game pointless
lain: one needle screen and an easy avoidance

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Sep 22, 2020

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Sep 22, 2020