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Creator: オレンジ

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6.1 / 10
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42.8 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (1) Boss (1) Puzzle (1) levels (1) Mechanic (1)


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4 Reviews:

Great Megaman inspired fangame. It features some unique mechanics like wall jumping and dashing (which is a bit awkward to do), but unfortunately it lacks any boss power ups like you would expect in a Megaman game. Despite this minor gripe with the game it's overall pretty fun, it sports 8 stages each with their own gimmicks and mechanics, along with a heavy emphasis on jumping and shooting. The game is a clown fiesta at times due to some funny enemy placement, and the bosses are one of a kind, both of which are elements that help add to the game's charm. The game also has many different difficulties, which raise and lower your health respectively, I played on normal and after playing it I think this is how the game should be played, it would be too annoying at certain points otherwise.
I'm a big fan of Megaman-likes, so this game was right up my alley. Do Recommend.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Boss Puzzle levels Mechanic
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 40 40
Oct 25, 2020
Extremely jank Megaman fangame. Most of the stages consist of jumping around through enemy spam. There's a number of things that make controlling the game rather awkward, notably some of the most annoying ice physics I've ever seen. Additionally, when you get hit you lose control of the character completely and get knocked in a random direction. Several stages involve insta death pits, and often jumping on narrow platforms above them. Getting hit by an enemy is effectively a death sentence, as it removes your ability to double jump. This means the the health system doesn't matter for large segments of the game. The bosses are extremely jank, their movement often makes no sense, and some attacks I never figured out how to dodge. This game gets a 6 because the puzzle sections were actually good, and made me think a bit rather than just following the natural flow of the screen, which is rare for puzzles in a game like this.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 41 41
Jun 28, 2022
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Aug 25, 2022
Tagged as: Adventure Trap
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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 20, 2022