I Wanna Cry [The Flower We Saw That Day]

Creator: Bloomy

Average Rating
7.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
32.2 / 100
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Avoidance (5)


  • by IeF

Creator's Comments:

Bloomy209 [Creator]
My first ever avoidance and gms project. Only took 3 days was in a rush. Note: There is a savefile I forgot to remove so just start a new one. By the way it's bad in my opinion. Here is why: The music doesn't fit. This is why I found this avoidance bad not everyone will understand why I used that song. The game is called "I Wanna Cry" because it used 2 songs from 2 very emotional anime shows Clannad/Anohana. (The main avoidance is using Anohana ED song) If I make an avoidance next time I will make sure to use a better music that fits. Plus I rushed with the last attacks for this game so that's why it's mostly empty. I apologize but I hope you enjoyed it at least.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 3, 2020

17 Reviews:

It's a pretty avoidance. My main letdown would be that the attacks that seem like they could be interesting end before they have a chance to really get going, but there's nothing really wrong with that. It's also slightly empty at times and the song is a poor fit for avoidance in general in my opinion, but for something made in just 3 days, it's not bad at all.

I knew that production value was being wasted on bad memes.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 30 30
Nov 2, 2020
this is the BEST avoidance i have ever played. I can't really tell why do i think so, but whatever. i wish there were more avoidances like this one.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 34 34
Mar 23, 2021
this is beautiful. i don't even know why, but i like it. this is my favourite avoidance of all time, no joking.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 30 30
Feb 20, 2021
It's a decent easy avoidance with pretty good production value. There were some interesting attacks, but there were also some pretty annoying ones(namely the screen wrap attack), as well as the game in general felt a bit too slow-paced and empty, especially at the beginning. I wouldn't really call the song itself unfitting, it's just that the avoidance could have been built around the song in a better way.

In addition to that, there were some minor technical issues that haven't impacted the gameplay but nevertheless given me the impression of the game being unfinished - namely, the game sharing saves with the default YoYoYo engine(the creator clearly forgot to rename the project file), and restarting sometimes bringing you to the save select screen rather than the room with the portal for some reason (although this is not really unexpected considering this was made in 3 days).

Still, this is, by far, the best game from this maker so far, and I hope that they continue to make games and improve further.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 35 35
Nov 5, 2020

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 30 30
Dec 6, 2020