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GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I wanna play Kiduija N/A 10.0
I wanna be the Guy(本家) 40.0 7.5
I Wanna One Room N/A 7.5
I Wanna Be The Hungrytag N/A 6.5
I wanna pursue my dream N/A 6.3
i wanna be the milk N/A 0.0

6 Reviews

For: I wanna be the Guy(本家)
Review based on hard mode.

Despite all its technical shortcomings, the original is still a game that I would very much recommend playing, if only just for the clever and hilarious traps, as well as the kind of "charm" it has(you can clearly see the creator has put a lot of love into the game).

Purely platforming-wise, everything is very varied and interesting despite often enough not being all that special nor utilizing any kind of complex gimmicks. Yes, some screens can be annoying(like the section with the couches and the yellow walls), but overall nothing is too difficult and the annoying screens are more than compensated with clever and fun ones. It also doesn't drag on for too much, perhaps I'd actually say the platforming could actually use being a few screens longer per stage.

The bosses, however, are very hit or miss, and certain ones(specifically the Clown Car Trio, Kraidgief and Dracula) are easily the worst parts of the game. Dracula is RNG roulette where getting a bad combination of attacks makes it way harder and practically guarantees death for a newer player, while the Kraidgief and the Clown Car Trio have practically nothing happening at many of the parts, which completely ruins the pace and makes the bosses extremely tedious too fight(Clown Car Trio especially). The rest of the stage bosses are just kind of ok, nothing bad but nothing too especially good either. The final boss is by far the best boss in the game, fun attacks and felt very satisfying to beat(the only "annoying" thing it really has is a couple of easily learnable instagibs in the first phase). Impression-wise, I'd say The Guy more than compensates for the bad bosses if you manage to not drop and actually get to him.

Now a common complaint in regards to this game hasn't aged well, and while it's true for the technical side of things(the engine is a laggy piece of trash that would constantly crash, as well as numerous misc bugs), I would personally disagree with this for the gameplay side. Sure the production value isn't on the level of, say, Overlord or Run the Marathon, and some of the screens and bosses are very unpolished, the excellent(if a bit evil) trap design and variety still make the game generally fun to play through. Not to mention the fact that this is the game that managed to kickstart this entire community speaks for itself.

Overall, again, would recommend playing, especially for people who love a good trap game.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
May 15, 2019
For: I Wanna Be The Hungrytag
-Really cool concept
-Most of the difficulty of the first save is one annoying jump right near the end, as well as the RNG bullets
-Not really a fan of the exploding bullets raining down, they don't really impose a challenge but can be quite annoying with bad RNG. Maybe could have worked if the complaint above was resolved
-Not enough foreground/background separation on the cave tiles

First Stage:
-IWBTG spikes and Mario tiles don't fit together visually
-Moreover, the death effect is layered UNDER the spikes but OVER the blocks so it kind of looks ugly when you die on them
-If you want warps to be pipes please do so consistently throughout the stage, the default IWBTG warp appears three times and also does not fit visually
-Not enough foreground/background separation again, though this time less so(more of a nitpick in this case really)
-There is one spot where there are 2 saves right next to each other separated by 1 easy jump
-Coins, spikes and bullet bills as the only obstacles. The mario series has plenty of enemies(goombas, turtles, hammer bros.) so use them. In the undeground stage, for example, fiery lines would have fit right in
-Putting a save BEFORE instead of AFTER a screen transition. If you put it after a screen transition, it will feel a lot more seamless to play as you aren't switching screens after every death
-The boss design for the stage is kind of lackluster. Yeah dodging the various random 360 attacks is kind of fun, but not really anything memorable with this also being a default cherry boss(At least make it a Lakitu or something, and make it throw fireballs instead of coins)
-[IMPORTANT]After you beat the boss, it's VERY easy to jump into the warp WITHOUT grabbing the boss completion item, thus if you do it and save in the hub your completion for the entirety of the stage goes to waste. Make the player get the item automatically, the warp only appear AFTER you've gotten the item or just move the warp and the item further away from each other so it isn't so easy to miss it
Second Stage:
-I appreciate the variety of beam types used
-Foreground/background issues again, the activated beams blend in with the background tiles brightness-wise (Make all background tiles darker, putting something like a 33% transparency black rectangle all over the background layer would work)
-The ceiling kills you without any indication. I get it that's default engine behaviour, but if you wanna do it at least give some indication that it's going to kill you, like the very top of the tile closest to the ceiling changing brightness. Better yet, just make it solid.
-The screen in which the purple switching beams are introduced has one right above a trigger that does nothing but waste your time
-The last save of that same screen is just three identical annoying jumps in a row
-The attacks of the second boss are rather fun despite being simple, though the fight is still too short for my tastes(however, this is understandable as bosses are often enough the hardest part of making fangames)
-I like the little rotating apple shield the boss has, however, it's not utilized enough(make it like 5 apples instead of one and make it deflect a bullet at you if you hit the shield). Also, the apple stays on the screen even after the boss has been killed
-There is one attack where he teleports randomly and you pretty much can't hit him unless he wants to go above the spike. At least make the bullets from the spike home into the boss or something on that attack
Third Stage:
-The ways in which the keys are used are very cool, though some of the spike platforms that the keys trigger move too slowly so they serve no point
-On one of the screen, it's not very apparent where to go at first, and the right wall kills you(like seriously if a wall kills you just make it indicate that visually, or just put a row of spikes on it)
-Traps are kind of hit or miss, some are kind of nice like the one where you have to avoid the keys where the others (like fake blocks on one screen) aren't really necessary
-Some of the blocks in the boss arena look like they are in the background(make all blocks have the same brightness)
-The boss fight itself stretches out for longer than it needs to be, and not for a good reason either. The boss moves along a very strange and seemingly random trajectory and has a tendency to stay in the top part of the arena, where it is too high to hit, forcing you to play the waiting game while pretty much nothing happens. Not only that, but you also have to hit it from far away to prevent the fast revenge bullets from instagibbing you. This makes it rather annoying to land hits especially towards the end where the boss becomes a lot smaller. Also, only 1 attack pattern? Seriously?
Fourth Stage:
-There is no visual ques to indicate the green stuff at the end of the very first screen kills you, at least make the spikes bigger and more apparent on that
-Kill ceilings, AGAIN
-[IMPORTANT]Pusblocks are buggy as hell:
--Pushing a block stacked on top of another block gets it stuck
--Stuff like cherries also gets stuck in pushblocks
--Pushblock collision order issues: on the second screen, you can die to a spike even while it's fully overlayed by a pushblock
-Annoying end-of-save jumps.
-[IMPORTANT]The boss fight DOESN'T autosave you, at least if you're going into it from the secret screen. This is mighty annoying because every time you die, you have to do the last save of the screen all over again
-The boss itself is alright with more simple attacks, but Happil 2 music? Seriously?
Fifth Stage:
-This one actually doesn't have a kill ceiling for once - can you please do that for all of the other stages please?
-This has the same issue as the first stage: the default spikes, cherries and jump refreshers don't really fit the rest of the tileset. It's especially glaring if the cherries and the flames overlap.
-Secret screen in the fifth stage has:
--Happil 2 music once again
--A very annoying jump right at the start of the save, which is also WAY harder than anything you see before that. I get it that you want the secrets to be harder than the required stages but this is just unreasonable
--Stupid generic flying spike trap right after that
--The rest of the screen is fairly enjoyable with good use of the flame gimmick, nothing quite as difficult as the jump at the start
-The next screen has tiles that look exactly like platforms, but they are not, and then you have the actual platform being the default platform sprite which, once again, doesn't fit into the tileset at all, otherwise it's enjoyable
-The boss of the stage is fun for what it is, repeating the same formula as most of the bosses in the game. My only minor nitpick is that the black projectiles can blend with the black floor tiles and as such you might not see a cherry coming out of the floor
Sixth Stage:
-Not really much to mention here. No new gimmicks if you don't count the chickens and the portals that spawn them. So far it's probably one of the more fun stages. Didn't visit the secret
-On one screen, there is a passageway that kills you if you try to go into it, I get it that this is where the chickens are supposed to go but at least put an indication fot it
-There is one section where you do nothing but jump over a long string of chickens and it's just boring with the same jumps repeated over and over
-Fake-Out boss. I get that making bosses is hard but c'mon

Underneath the Hub Room:
-The "secret" avoidance is neat if only too easy. The platforming is fun overall.
-The last save could have been something better than 3 diagonals in a row
Final Stage Part 1:
-This uses all of the stages' gimmicks, as expected from a final stage. Generally fun platforming, but could use without the gravity switch section in the third screen. whih isn't exactly hard, just super annoying
-The warp in the first screen is bigger than usual, making one think that it's a final boss warp, but it isn't
-Happil 2 music, again? Couldn't there have been more creative music picks?
Final Stage Part 2:
-Mostly gimmickless needle, fun with not a lot of generics and a clean aesthetic.

Final Boss:
-Good fight. First phase is kind of short but has some creative attacks, then there is a tower-like segment which is kind of... eh, and the final phase features cameos of the previous bosses in the game which is something I always like to see in a final boss. Not insanely hard either, and a satisfying conclusion to the game.

Overall, fun and not too hard game, though could use some visual improvement, better music picks, as well as better boss design. Best parts were stage 2, final stage, and final boss. Worst part was stage 3 and boss.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 19, 2019
For: I Wanna One Room
Review up to stage 5 normal mode, at which point horrible lag issues started to occur to me making the game pretty much unplayable(if I had to guess it's because of the unoptimized GFX), the annoying conveyor gimmick doesn't help either. Otherwise, what I have managed to play through is rather fun, varied and not overly difficult with very clean and good-looking visuals.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 12, 2019
For: I wanna pursue my dream
Neat little game with fun platforming and good visual design, even though the bosses are rather lackluster. Not really a fun of touch saves, there was one save specifically in the second stage where it can be kind of annoying due to being close to a spike.

I don't know if that's intended, but there seem to be quite a few skips, usually through corners, that you can take across the game.

Overall, decent game, especially for what seems to be the maker's very first.

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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 7, 2019
For: i wanna be the milk
You know it's going to be bad when the very first screen is a bunch of annoying traps with happil 2 music to top it off

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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 6, 2019
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I wanna be the Guy(本家) 40.0 7.5
I wanna play Kiduija N/A 10.0
I wanna pursue my dream N/A 6.3
I Wanna Be The Hungrytag N/A 6.5
Guy Tower Defense N/A N/A