I wanna be the Cloudburst

Creator: lilly

Average Rating
8.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
54.5 / 100
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Adventure (8) Needle (1) Avoidance (4) Trap (6) Gimmick (4) Boss (5) FangameDungeon (3)


  • by choco1260

20 Reviews:

Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Gimmick FangameDungeon
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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 45 45
Nov 9, 2020
It's a great honor to face off in this great game on the big stage of the tournament.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 58 58
Nov 16, 2020
Phenomenal adventure game by lilly made for the Fangame Dungeon event, with a few traps sprinkled in that makes the platforming very dynamic and creative. As always lilly's bosses are my personal highlights in any of his games, and this one is no different, never got too hard either and there's always something that gets you hooked throughout the whole thing, along the stellar aesthetics and production. A bit short but still very sweet and distinct enough to shine through as one of my personal favorite games from this year.

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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 62 62
Nov 8, 2020
Lilly proves himself as a great maker once again. The traps were creative, fun to figure out and sometimes really funny. Some of the traps are used to force certain interesting maneuvers, which I also quite liked(even though there was a particular screen where the traps felt a little bit too precise for my tastes). The boss was also quite good, with great production value and fun attacks, especially in the first phase. The second phase has a couple of questionable parts (namely the large ice shards and the mashing at the final phase) but it didn't really subtract all that much from the enjoyment for me.

Overall, highly recommended.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Boss
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 55 55
Dec 1, 2020
Just play it

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 51 51
Nov 25, 2020