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7.8 / 10
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46.3 / 100
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Needle (3) Avoidance (5)


  • by NightShark115
  • by BR4ECJlAB

8 Reviews:

1 screen needle + easy avoidance.
Screen flashing effect is bruh... i cant see anything, if this game didnt have this i will rate higher.

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 28, 2021
Pretty fun little game featuring an easier avoidance that demonstrates how pre-avoidance needle is frequently a mistake.

Overall its really chill, slow paced and mostly fair, though some attacks expect a bit of earlier knowledge on where to go, but much of it is first try-able and has some pretty diverse attacks.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 45 45
Jan 4, 2022
Based on Version 1.1 which has some nerfs and changes.

Really enjoyed this, it has a relaxing needle screen followed by a really good chill avoidance. It's all extremely fair and enjoyable in the attacks, especially near the end when stars start falling. Would definitely recommend playing this to those who lack avoidance skills as it's suitable for pretty much anyone.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 29, 2021
Very good first fangame from this maker, only problems I had was the needle got annoying because the exit was not clear, so I jumped into every exit I found and just died. Also wish the save was above the warp for the avoidance.

I had fun with the avoidance, has simple but nice visuals and the design/balance is good.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 47 47
Dec 29, 2021
Экран нидла + достаточно несложный барражный авойд.

Нидл лёгкий; в принципе играется нормально, нравится тот момент, что можно выбрать разные пути через экран. Несколько смутило то, что может быть непонятно в начале, где конец экрана (проход в неправильную сторону тебя убивает), а также то, что нет сейва сразу перед первым прыжком(в результате чего тебе каждый раз нужно относительно долго идти до него). В принципе здесь для меня это не было особой проблемой, т.к. платформинг достаточно лёгкий, но - как совет - в более сложной игре это бы мешало намного сильнее.

Авойд приятный, чилловый, со спокойным треком; атаки хорошо подходят друг к другу и играются фаново, также достаточно хорошо используется формат арены с платформами. Визуалки хорошие, единственное, что лично по моему мнению, возможно, стоило бы чуть-чуть увеличить контраст между пулями и задним планом.

В целом, очень даже неплохо, особенно для первого релиза от этого автора. Рекомендую.


A screen of easy needle, followed by a chill barrage fight.

The needle just kind of there, it plays decently well, it's easy enough and there are multiple paths you can take which is cool; although some complaints are have are that it isn't immediately obvious where you're supposed to go to transition to the next screen(and going in the wrong direction kills you), and that there isn't a save immediately so you have to take a long walk from the start position every time you restart (this doesn't matter as much for easy platforming like this but could easily become a big problem in a more difficult needle game).

The avoidance is the meat of the game, being a nice, chill barrage fight to a relaxing song. The attacks are mostly fairly simple, although there are a few ones that are a bit more interesting. Overall, they flow well between each other and make good use of the platform layout, making for a fun experience overall. The visuals are also good and fit the song well, although I would personally increase the contrast on the avoidance slightly just to make it look a bit better.

Overall, would recommend. It's a solid first release from this maker, and I'm looking forward to seeing their future releases.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 48 48
Dec 28, 2021