I Wanna OMAKENO Stroke

Creator: RandomChaos_

Average Rating
7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
62.7 / 100
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Avoidance (6) Barrage (1) SourPls (3) DotHitbox (1) McDonalds (1)


  • by RandomChaos_
  • by RandomChaos_
  • by RandomChaos_

Creator's Comments:

RandomChaos_ [Creator]
You know the drill, it's just one avoidance.

Good luck and have fun!


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Tagged as: Avoidance SourPls
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 10, 2021

16 Reviews:

An excellent avoidance on the harder side of avoidance / barrage.

It does a great job using a fast paced song while still being intuitive to follow and figure out the attacks.
Of course it comes at a cost of learning and decide very quickly to be able to progress.
Especially the rough transitions, which can be highly unfair but can't blame Chaos for it.

Highly recommended for learning some speed reading and try out harder avoidances.

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Tagged as: Avoidance Barrage SourPls
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 27, 2021
This game just got me into avoidance.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 65 65
Jul 19, 2022
It's fascinating how mismatched can a game's song be with its attacks, especially if said attacks are also not particularly great.

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Tagged as: Avoidance SourPls
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Rating: 3.9 39       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 20, 2022
Cool intermediate level barrage avoidance. Has a bunch of really cool attacks. The final 30 seconds are the hardest part, but there were a few attacks that could give more unfavourable rng, though this never became a big problem. I found the visuals to be a bit generic and didn't like the flow that much, thought a few attacks could have been made more interesting.

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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 7, 2021
Very fun mid-level barrage-centric avoidance with a good use of the dot hitbox, good song choice and great visuals. While there were a couple of transitions I didn't enjoy all that much, the rest was very fun. (shout-outs to the sphere and the space invaders attacks in particular).
Overall, highly recommended.

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 23, 2021