I wanna defeat the spike dynasty

Creator: Lemonxreaper

Average Rating
7.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
59.9 / 100
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Needle (8) Avoidance (9) Puzzle (3)


  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by Wolfiexe
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  • by GaspacoZanis

16 Reviews:

Rating based on version 1.0.

Pretty good needle + avoidance game. There is a short puzzle section at the very start which I thought was cool and I honestly wish it was longer. The needle is decent though it has some rough spots design-wise. The avoidance is easily the highlight of the game, featuring mostly simple but fun and intense barrage attacks that test your reading skills, with a good song.


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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 59 59
Jan 10, 2021
Rating based on version 1.0
cool game but avoidance rng is a bit heavy
and the only thing i dislike is game will not tell you have infinite jump in the last phase of avoidance (i know fixed in newer version but is private)

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 56 56
Nov 24, 2020
Edit: Beaten on version 1.0. I have not played version 1.1, so I have no clue how much easier or harder it is.

This is my first cleared Lemonxreaper's game, and I should say that I actually enjoyed it.

Game conists from 2 stages of needle and avoidance. Needle consist of puzzle stage and platform needle stage. Puzzle stage is very easy and your goal is to activate all spikes to get to the portal. Puzzles are easy to find out and can be done in various ways, which means that you can make everything harder or easier as you wish. I also liked how at the very beginning to get to this stage you have to press 'Esc', that seemed funny for me. Then there starts platform needle 3 screens and high difficulty raising. Needle is pretty unusual and I had fun learning different strategies for platforms, since I haven't similar platforming before. The only trouble for me were 2 jumps, which I had to train, because of their confusing strategies.

These are following troublesome jumps, in my opinion:


Other than that I had fun time with needle of this game, and it didn't take so much as I expected (only 1 hour and 20 minutes). Difficulty is around 50-55 for platforming. Hower the reason why I played this game wasn't the needle, but following avoidance - barrage. It is barrage, since it is completely RNG-based. It is pretty fair and I got lucky to first try the last attack, so it took around 3 hours, but avoidance is also quite short - only around 2 minutes long. It consists from many easier and harder attacks. First 2 attacks are pretty simplistic attacks without anything special, except that first burst sometimes gives litteraly walls, but it isn't so important, since it is first burst. The problems starts after that. Third attack is hard curving attack, which gets faster and faster and with that also harder and harder to read. It is mostly fair, but can give real troible to read. After that is a little bit easier falling orb atatck, which can give some problems, but nothing too serious, in my opinion. The second hardest attack is after that, since it kind of mixes previous 2 attacks and makes everything really hard to read, so it can be problematic. After that you get teleported to a smaler room, where are 2 attacks - first involves random orbs and is pretty easy to read, but next one is the hardest attack in the whole avoidance, in my opinion, because of its density of hard RNG. After that you get infinite jump and is attack like in I wanna be the C/O/S/M/O finale, however a lot easier, however not too easy, but I think everything is more or less, but readable. The only thing, which I noticed from Wolfiexe's video is that there looks like are multiple versions. In the one I played there are no warning sign of infinite jumping and no option to repay barrage after beating it. Not sure is there anything else though. I guess I would give this barrage difficulty 56.

Overall, I had fun time with everything in this game. Everything went smoothly and I am not disappointed of this game. Yes, I guess the final avoidance and platforming could be more balanced, but other than that I don't have much to compain about. Would definitely recommend for those who are quite more experienced or who are not afraid of challenge!

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Rating: 7.6 76       Difficulty: 56 56
Aug 29, 2019
A brief stint in some rather hard but short save-focused needle and a barrage avoidance.

The needle (which you need to hit ESC to start properly when you get to the uh, very obvious troll room) starts off with a... puzzle segment? It almost feels like a demo for a gimmick for a different game entirely. It only lasts a few screens before it disappears entirely, but it was cool. I kinda wish that was what you got instead of the normal needle, to be honest.

The normal needle is very C/O/S/M/O inspired, as other have mentioned, but the average save is quite a deal shorter. There's some platform shenanigans, but.. honestly it's all kinda mneh. I really don't like platforms flat against blocks, and most of the platform uses itself outside of that were just more frustrating than interesting. The short saves make it so nothing is too heavy on requirements, but it didn't feel all that fun.

The avoidance is a shortish (around 2 minutes) barrage. It's pretty fun! Nothing too hard here, but a couple nitpicks.

- Final feels like it can be kind of a clown fiesta. It's probably fine since it's a moderate avoidance so you can expect to retry it quite a few times even if it happens, but it feels like it could be a bit rude.

- The final part of the 'box' attack in the middle feels way harder than anything else in the fight. No idea how intended that was, but it was like being teleported to a different avoidance. Not a bad attack though.

- The third attack, the curving arrows. I really, REALLY wish they started to 'curve' earlier than they do. It's a complaint I have with a lot of various curving attacks in avoidances; People really underestimate how wonky curving is to read and don't give you enough time to see the arc. Be careful with this.

But yeah. Fun stuff, well paced and a banger song. I'm not big into barrage, honestly, but this was a good time, even considering those things.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 60 60
Mar 18, 2019
Spike Dynasty is a great little game with some very small puzzling, interesting platform-based needle and a fun barrage to top it off. Just a mixture of some stuff I like, so I suppose I was always going to enjoy this.

I hestitated giving this a puzzle tag as the puzzle segment is so short and doesn't really get elaborated on much, which is actually one of my main gripes. I would've loved to see this a bit longer and more padded out, although it does serve as a nice hand warm-up for the needle which is probably the hardest part of the game depending on your skills. It's platform-heavy and definitely C/O/S/M/O inspired which I'm a fan of. A couple of saves felt a bit off in difficulty but I had a fun time regardless.

The avoidance clocks in at just under 2 minutes, and is barrage heavy. Lots of lengthy RNG attacks focused on reading and even a bit of arena changing, which are two things I always love to see in avoidances. I actually sort of wish it was a bit harder just so I could have spent more time on it. Although I may have gotten lucky with the more-or-less first try, nothing felt too demanding which made it just feel really nicely balanced.

A short game, but for me it was a great one. Full of stuff I love to play. A definite recommendation if the screenshots look appealing to you.

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 55 55
Mar 6, 2019